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jumping fitness boost immunity

Boosting Your Natural Immunity With Jumping Fitness

Our immune system is our first line of defense against everything from viral infections to degenerative diseases like cancers. Therefore, it is impossible to be optimally healthy if our immune system is compromised. 

With the world’s focus on the Covid19 pandemic, we observe that even advanced medical technology is limited in its effectiveness in stopping the spread of the virus. We also notice that immunocompromised individuals with underlying health conditions often bear the brunt of infections. However, recent studies have shown that aerobic exercises like jumping fitness, can boost our natural immunity to protect us from viral infections, including the fearsome Covid19 and its elusive mutants.

Jumping Fitness is a fantastic aerobic exercise program that supercharges your immune system while protecting your bones and joints.

Jumping Fitness is a proprietory aerobic rebounding program that can effectively help us maintain a robust immune system to safeguard our health during the pandemic. It is conducted on a high-quality mini trampoline that absorbs the landing impact to protect your bones and joints while exercising.

Jumping Fitness enhances the circulation of immune cells in the blood to lower infection rates.

Despite restrictions on distancing and social group size, MOH and HPB encourage regular exercise as a means to healthy living. A 2019 scientific review in the Journal of Sport and Health Science found that aerobic exercise can enhance your body’s defense system, lower the risk of illness, and reduce inflammation. The study looked specifically at moderate to vigorous intensity exercises lasting less than an hour – such as a typical jumping fitness class.

Study author and exercise immunology expert Dr. David Nieman explained that exercise improves the circulation of immune cells in the blood. These cells, including natural killer cells, and T cells, detect and eliminate hostile pathogens throughout the body. Thus, the immune system becomes more efficient in dealing with a viral invasion with better blood circulation. 

In his 2019 review, Dr. David Nieman found that participants who took a 45-minute brisk walk experienced a significant increase in immune cells circulating the body for up to three hours after the walk. In addition, an earlier 12-week study found that those who did aerobic exercise five or more times a week lowered the number of upper respiratory tract viral infections, such as the flu, by more than 40%. 

Thus, a regular one-hour jumping fitness class can help activate an immediate immune response to viral threats. Moreover, our recommended three-sessions-a-week protocol enables you to maintain a high-functioning immune system to ward off infections.

Jumping fitness oxygenates the body to reduce opportunistic viruses

As with any high-intensity exercise, jumping promotes better blood circulation, which leads to better cellular oxygenation. Viruses, harmful bacteria, and even cancer cells are anaerobic, increasing and thriving in oxygen-deficient bodies. Conversely, jumping floods our body with beneficial life-giving oxygen, thereby reducing the presence of opportunistic viruses. Consequently, we become less susceptible to infections.

Jumping Fitness enhances lymphatic circulation for better immunity.

Our lymphatic system plays a vital role in immune protection. While blood delivers nutrients to our body cells, the lymph fluid removes and eliminates metabolic waste and toxins from our bodies. It is the body’s sanitation system. It is also rich in lymphocytes, specialized immune cells that attack bacteria, viruses, and toxins that manage to enter the body. 

Our lymphatic system is entirely dependent on bodily movement to pump the lymph fluid throughout the body. While we jump on a trampoline, the up and down motion is particularly good at enhancing lymphatic circulation for better resistance against a viral invasion.

In summary, jumping fitness significantly enhances our immune system by promoting blood and lymph circulation and cellular oxygenation. Besides these, jumping also offers other health benefits that contribute to better health and immunity.

1) Promotes better sleep

Regular jumping and other physical activities can help one sleep faster and longer. Conversely, a lack of exercise is associated with insomnia. In addition, sleep deprivation reduces immunity and increases susceptibility to any infection.

2) Stimulates endorphins to promote a sense of wellbeing

Jumping stimulates the production of endorphins, also known as “happy hormones,” which lift your moods and promote a sense of happiness and optimism. Moodiness and depression weaken the immune system and cause increased susceptibility to illness.

3) Relieves stress 

Big and little daily stressors can constantly push your immune system. That is why it is essential to take time for exercise and other hobbies. Jumping also releases substances such as serotonin that helps to calm anxieties and promotes relaxation.

4) Maintains healthy weight

Besides being at risk of many chronic conditions such as heart diseases, cancers, and strokes, being overweight also suppress one’s immune function. Regular jumping burns excess calories and regulates metabolism to achieve optimal weight.

In conclusion, a consistent jumping fitness regime can boost your immune system and protect you from viral infections such as Covid19. It is never too late to develop robust health. If you haven’t done so, please download our app, Jumping Singapore, to view our class schedule and make a reservation. 


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