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By Jumping World Team

Course details:

JUMPING® BASIC DIPLOMA course is the basic training for instructors. After passing the Jumping® Basic Diploma, the instructor obtains the “JUMPING® INSTRUCTOR” certificate, which qualifies him to conduct Jumping® Fitness lessons.

The Jumping® BASIC diploma training is a proven program since 2005.  It is a theoretical and practical course that includes
• Movement Mechanics on the trampoline
• Static & dynamic stretching
• Strengthening exercises
• Communications
• Terminology & relationship between music
• Balance & coordination

During the Jumping® Basic training, the candidate learns the basics of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. A major part of the training is dedicated to the practical part. The Master trainers will teach the correct execution of individual exercises. With their friendly but strict approach, candidates will be evaluated throughout the training.

General Details:

Course Name: Jumping® BASIC diploma
Venue: KS Auditorium, Kampung Siglap Life Skills Training & Retreat Center, 55, Siglap Plain, Singapore.
Date: 15th April 2023 – 16th April 2023
Time: 9am – 5pm
Master Trainer: Nailton Heringer, Jumping World Team, Czech Republic
Course Fee: 390 Euro

Things To Note:
1) The JUMPING® BASIC DIPLOMA qualifies the holder to teach jumping fitness at any approved Jumping Centre but does not guarantee a teaching position in Jumping Singapore.

2) Certified instructors who are interested to teach in Jumping Singapore must undergo a rigorous internal training program. They may be considered for weekly and ad-hoc class assignments after clocking at least 24 jumping fitness sessions AND at least 10 team-teaching sessions with their mentors or senior instructors. They must also be certified in STANDARD / OCCUPATIONAL FIRST AID & AED. Suitable instructors may be engaged as freelance instructors and must agree to our rates and code of conduct.

3) At the point of enrollment for the JUMPING® BASIC DIPLOMA Course, the candidate must agree to the terms and conditions stipulated by the Jumping World Team. A certified instructor should not use his newly acquired expertise to teach with other trampoline brands or other trampoline fitness brands except Jumping Fitness. Otherwise, his qualifications and license to teach will be revoked.

4) To ensure a higher chance of passing the JUMPING® BASIC DIPLOMA course, the candidate is encouraged to attend jumping fitness classes regularly at Jumping Singapore, to familiarize himself with the jumping fitness techniques, and to build up his stamina. The candidate will be evaluated throughout the course to determine if he has attained the required proficiency. Candidates will not be awarded the Jumping® BASIC diploma by mere participation.

5) Candidates are obliged to register via the jumping fitness website by clicking on the enrollment button below in order to create an instructor profile. Your registered name will be the name to be printed on your diploma. Candidates will also receive a course manual for reference during the training.

6) The successful graduate will be entitled to

The last Jumping Basic Diploma Course was completed on 15-16 April 2023. The next course will be scheduled in 2024. We will make an announcement once the course dates are confirmed. Thank you for your interest.

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