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JUMPING® SINGAPORE is a social enterprise initiative by New Hope Community Services, a registered charity that provides transitional shelters for homeless families and individuals in Singapore.

JUMPING® SINGAPORE – a movement with a social cause

As a social enterprise, we sell trampolines, conduct jumping® classes and organize corporate events.

about jumping singapore

JUMPING® SINGAPORE – for a healthier and more cohesive Singapore

JUMPING® SINGAPORE brings rebounding to the communities with the objective of building a more cohesive and healthier Singapore. We organise regular, island-wide Jumping® fitness activities to engage, bridge and inspire different communities to adopt a healthy lifestyle. These activities are enjoyable, socially engaging and promote active ageing, health and fitness.

JUMPING® SINGAPORE envisions a healthy and happy population

Rebounding is an excellent sport that is safe and effective in strengthening the body and mind. Extensive NASA verified research has shown conclusively that regular rebounding has tremendous health benefits. It is effective in building healthy cells, boosting the immune system, improving balance and coordination, strengthening eye muscles for better eyesight, increasing bone density, increasing learning capacity and improving posture just to name a few. Due to its detoxifying and immunity boosting effects, it is also good preventive medicine for many prevalent modern diseases.

Jumping® Fitness is a proprietory fitness program that is suitable for everybody

Jumping® Fitness is a comprehensive fitness program designed to maximize the health benefits of rebounding. It is associated with energy, colours, vibrancy and creativity and enjoyed by thousands across the globe. High in intensity, yet low in impact and easy on the joints, jumping® fitness is suitable for both young and old, the fit and the convalescent.

JUMPING® SINGAPORE is a business with a social agenda: to help the poor and to enhance the lives of the regular Singaporean. When you jump with us, you are literally building Singapore one jump at a time.

You can also help us expand our mission and further our cause by giving to our donation campaigns! Thank you for your generosity!

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