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Community & Company Events

At JUMPING® SINGAPORE, we love events! Events are opportunities for celebration, occasions for music and beat, cause to reach out and make a difference. These are the times when we will share the love of Jumping® Fitness, demonstrate the beauty and vibrancy of the sport and invite participants to try out the program.

Jumping® Fitness events by JUMPING® SINGAPORE are organized to engage the local communities, promote a healthy lifestyle and market our products and services to further our social cause. If you have similar objectives for your events, we would love to play a part in them. Here are some good reasons to engage us for your events.

1) Jumping® Fitness demos add life, colour and vibrancy to your event.

Our professional Jumping® Fitness instructors are dynamic and outstanding performers. They will create ambiance with the energy, beat and vitality of the presentation, together with the impeccable legwork and synchronized jumps. A typical 15 minute demo will wow and inspire your guests to pursue lofty fitness goals.

2) Your guests can be actively engaged by participating in our try out jumps.

It is always thrilling to sample a new experience at an event. Guests are often keen to try out our Jumping® Fitness program and picking up jumping techniques from our instructors. This will contribute to an overall fun and pleasant experience for your event guests.

3) You can encourage your guests to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you have personally experienced the benefits and joy of jumping®and has become our fervent advocate, this will be a great way to introduce this excellent sport to your guests. It is enjoyable, socially engaging and promotes active ageing, health and fitness. Your event will be a means by which many people will get to know Jumping® Fitness and incorporate it into their lives for a better and healthier future.

4) You can be an agent of change and a force for social good

When you engage our services or purchase our products, you are rendering help to the needy people in our society. As a non-profit organisation, all the proceeds from our business activities go into supporting our social programs. Thank you for your generosity

To engage us for your events, contact us with your requirements.

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