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Wonderful memories of Chingay 2024

On 23 and 24 February 2024, the Jumping Singapore (JS) Team comprising of 61 instructors and jumpers participated in the pre-parade of Chingay 2024 at F1 Pit Building.  The team put in months of hard work, resulting in the event being a resounding success.

The journey was relatively challenging.  We thought we might not be able to assemble 60 performers but to our surprise, our jumpers and instructors were very forthcoming.  With such a large group, we did not have a venue big enough to house practices for 60 participants and we had to conduct separate sessions and, on both Saturdays and Sundays.  The trainers sacrificed time and effort to train the Chingay participants.

Though the journey was tough, it was also fun and full of laughter as we corrected each others’ mistakes to hone our techniques.  We were truly blessed to have an awesome and committed team. After 2 months of rehearsing together with the trainers, many have forged new friendships. 

Our oldest participant, Jan See is 75 years old, and our youngest participant, Elroy Tan is 13 years old. 

The team had many hidden talents / gems.  We are likely to train about 5 new instructors from this group to pass the Basic Diploma Certification for Instructors in April 2024.  There were also few who were good in photos / videos taking and editing, and we were able to share our event in our social media almost immediately after the Chingay parade. 

To our astonishment, we even had a Healthcare Professional – a Family Physician in our team, and she is Dr Chrystal Fong.  Little did we know that Chrystal is a strong supporter of Jumping Fitness, and she has a special interest in Preventive Health, and incorporates sports psychology in promoting health and wellness.  Attached below is Chrystal’s write-up, sharing her personal experience participating in Chingay, and sharing on health benefits of Jumping Fitness.

We were privileged to be given the opportunity to be part of Chingay 2024.  This event not only allowed us to bring more excitement to the event; more importantly, it has given Jumping Singapore a lot of exposure.  And it has allowed the JS team to be more closely knit and to stay stronger together as one. 

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