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Jumping® Fitness Classes For Companies

Wise is the manager who engages us to run Jumping® Fitness Classes for his company’s staff. He looks beyond production & profitability, to the motivation for performance excellence and sustained productivity. He looks to create a happy, healthy and cohesive work force.

JUMPING® SINGAPORE organizes custom Jumping® Fitness Classes for Companies at their business premises according to their specific requirements, taking into consideration staff’s age-range and fitness levels. Managers, you can transform your staff from being a tired, sickly and drink-coffee-to-stay-awake bunch, to a group of motivated, creative and get-up-and-go people. What a deal! The power of transformation lies in the Jump®!

Jumping Fitness for your company

3 Great Reasons To Organize Jumping® Classes For Your Company

1) You will significantly reduce office absenteeism

Office staff are generally unhealthy… and they can’t help it! They spend most part of their day in an unnatural, oxygen deficient air conditioned environment, crouched in front of a blue-light emitting screen and fixated in that position for hours. The results are bad posture, shallow breathing, weakening eyesight, oxygen deprivation and low immunity. These translate into drowsiness, lack of creativity, frequent infections and yes, sub-standard performance and loss of productive days due to absenteeism.

Address the problem from the roots. Persuade, encourage and yes, command them to leave their seats, mount the trampolines and take the first jump towards a not-so-distant future where there will be boundless energy and free flow of ideas and… money.

2) Increased staff welfare is a sure formula for corporate success

A healthy work force is a valuable asset for your company. Jumping® Fitness is a specially designed program with proven health and fitness benefits that will boost the well being of your people. Not only will they increase work productivity and become better problem solvers with creative ideas, they basically become calmer, more motivated and confident. With regular jumping, their body systems will begin to work optimally due to better detoxification effects, improved blood & lymphatic circulation and enhanced oxygenation.

Having fun and working out together in rhythmic coordinated movements on mini trampolines, promote a sense of togetherness resulting in a more cohesive workforce and a harmonious working environment. Additionally, jumping stimulates the production of endorphin to induce optimism and a positive outlook leading to a happier and a more resilient workforce. The tangible benefits of increased staff welfare are reduction in medical and operation costs, better family-work balance for employees and increased profits for the company.

3) Convenience & practicality for management & employees

Your people has no excuse for procrastination and laziness! JUMPING® SINGAPORE brings Jumping®Fitness to you and your staff by running your Jumping® Fitness Classes at your location. You can use the existing company gym or convert a spare meeting room into a studio. We supply the trampolines and instructors, you supply the jumpers, and off we go together on a staff makeover project like no other. Alternatively, book a class at one of our studios closest to your office location and we’ll conduct a class just for your employees.

A company that jumps together, stays together and go higher!

Contact us here with your requirements and we will get back to you with a proposal. 

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