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We Are Singapore’s No. 1 Jumping® Service Provider & Sole Distributor Of The Premium Profi® Mini Trampoline! 

Jumping Singapore

You Can’t Go Wrong With Jumping At JUMPING® SINGAPORE!

Jumping Fitness classes

Join A Jumping Fitness Classes

Our proprietary Jumping® Fitness Program is unlike any exercise program. Here are 6 good reasons why you should sign up for a Jumping® Fitness Class Today!

Corporate classes

Jumping® Fitness For Companies

Improve staff welfare through Jumping® Fitness and be set for corporate success. Find out why a company that jumps together stays together and goes higher!

jumping events

Community & Company Events

If you are organizing an event with a sporting or social theme, we would love to be part of it. Here are some compelling reasons to engage us.

Those who don’t jump will never fly!

– Leena Ahmad Almashat

Instructor's Certification Course

Be an internationally certified Jumping® Fitness Instructor. Enroll for our next Instructor’s Certification Course conducted by Master Trainers, accredited with the Jumping® World Team at Czech Republic.

Benefits Of Jumping®

Jumping® Fitness is a comprehensive fitness program, scientifically engineered to raise fitness levels and to maximize the health benefits of rebounding. Start jumping to enjoy robust health & a vibrant life!

Profi® Mini Trampolines

The Jumping® PROFI trampoline is a high quality jumping® equipment created to complement our proprietary Jumping® Fitness program to deliver the best results in health & fitness.


Jumping Kids By Jumping Singapore Class

Your Kids Are Born To Jump!

A jumping kid is a happy kid. He is agile and comfortable in his body, confident and optimistic, enjoying good health and vitality, and living his best childhood.
Jump Fitness Aid In Weight Loss

Strategies For Effective Weight Loss

Being overweight or obese is associated with many health risks and may even be linked to emotional and…

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