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The Jumping® Profi Trampoline

The Jumping® PROFI trampoline is a high quality jumping® equipment created to meet all safety requirements & to complement the proprietary Jumping® Fitness program to deliver the best results in health & fitness. It is of premium quality, scientifically designed, tested and certified to ensure optimal performance.

Jumping® Profi Trampoline

4 Ways The Jumping® Profi Mini Trampoline Is Better Than Most Conventional Exercise Trampolines

1) The Jumping® Profi mini trampoline complies with all quality and safety standards 

The Profi® mini trampoline is a precise and calculated piece of exercise equipment designed for the safety and performance. It meets the stringent quality and safety requirements of TÜV SÚD, a global third-party product verification and certification establishment. Its durability, stability, optimal tension and anti-static & skid proof mesh ensure a safe jumping workout every time.

2) The Jumping® Profi mini trampoline is specially designed for the the original Jumping® Fitness program 

The Jumping® Profi mini trampoline is an integral part of Jumping® Fitness, a comprehensive and scientifically designed fitness program created for maximum health & fitness benefits. Regular rebounding on the mini trampoline has been shown by extensive NASA verified research to build healthy cells and to strengthen every muscle in the body. Jumping® Fitness, together with its essential counterpart, the Jumping® Profi mini trampoline amplifies these results and help you attain your health and fitness goals easily. We do not recommend or endorse Jumping® Fitness on any other trampoline except the Jumping® Profi.

3) The Jumping® Profi mini trampoline is light weight and portable

The Jumping® PROFI mini trampoline is practical and easily transported. Its total weight is only 13 kg, yet its bearing capacity is up to 120 kg, offering tremendous support, durability and  convenience.

4) The Jumping® Profi mini trampoline ensures zero impact on your joints and spine

The Jumping® PROFI mini trampoline’s special hexagonal shaped tubular structure absorbs energy for high quality springing movements. It’s mesh surface and rubber ropes provide an excellent rebounding surface for high intensity workouts yet is easy on the joints and spine. Jumping on the Jumping® Profi does not pose a health risk or aggravate existing joint weaknesses. It offers a pleasant work out experience without the risk of common sports injuries.

The Jumping ® Profi mini trampoline is a professional jumping equipment, configured for maximum performance. We offer 2 models of Jumping® Profi. Each is different, unique and original and comes with a 2 year warranty on workmanship and materials.

  1. The Jumping® Profi STANDARD trampoline
  2. The Jumping® Profi DELUXE trampoline
  3. The Jumping® Profi FLEXI trampoline
  4. The Jumping® Profi LIGHT trampoline
  5. The Jumping®Profi EXCELLENT Adventure trampoline

You deserve the best. Visit our e-store to order your trampoline here.

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