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Jumping Fitness the Ultimate Stressbuster

Why Jumping Fitness Is The Ultimate Stressbuster

Jumping Fitness is the ultimate stressbuster! When demands are piled on you, when deadlines become dead ends, when relationships are estranged, when you are misunderstood and maligned, come away for a jump and be recharged to take on that daunting challenge. Jumping fitness infuses you with strength and positivity, so you will go back into the world and WIN!

Stress can be crippling and destructive but managing it well develops character, cultivates a winning mindset, becomes an impetus for creative ideas and a stepping stone to greater success. The sure way of not crumbling under stress is to mitigate that mental or emotional tension by leaving that situation for a while to receive a hefty dose of energy and optimism. What better way to beat the stress with Jumping Fitness, a Czech aerobics rebounding program since 2001.

Jumping does take away work stress… actually any stress.

Edna Leong, Country Manager

Jumping Fitness is a natural mood lifter

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), says on their website that 90 percent of all illness and disease is related to stress. Chronic stress has become a way of life for many people, in our fast-paced, results-focused world. However, simply jumping on the mini trampoline stimulates a release of natural biochemicals at the cellular level to promote a sense of wellbeing that helps to effectively alleviate and cope with stress. It induces a natural high that works better than prescribed antidepressants and tranquilizers, without any adverse side effects.

By virtue of the repeated up and down movement, the interaction of gravitational forces with moments of weightlessness, jumping on the trampoline stimulates the production of more endorphins than other forms of exercise. These are also known as “happy hormones” which stimulate a sense of happiness and optimism. There are also increased levels of neurotransmitters such serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine that bring about a calming, relaxing effect. Dopamine is also known to increase alertness and mental sharpness for enhanced learning.

I like jumping very much. Everyday, I feel like going jumping.

Violet Leng, Admin Executive

Here are 3 ways jumping fitness helps you deal with stress.

1 Jumping Fitness helps you perform better at work

Jumping regulates your mood, promotes optimism, provides mental clarity so you can focus better and retain more information to remain highly effective at work. Your positivity makes you a better team player so your whole team performs better too. Cross patterning activities on the trampoline, where movement performed on one side of the body is repeated on the other side, enhances communications between the 2 hemispheres of the brain to promote creativity. Creative ideas can help improve work processes, solve problems and increase profitability.

2 Jumping Fitness helps you sleep better

Stress can disrupt your normal sleep pattern leading to insomnia, which robs you of the energy you need to function optimally during the day. It can undermine your health and exacerbate existing conditions, leading to more stressful situations. Jumping releases substances such as serotonin, to help you to sleep better by calming anxieties and promoting relaxation. A good night’s sleep helps you to be more alert and more ready to take on the next day’s challenges.

3 Jumping Fitness Boosts Your Confidence

Stress can cause emotional eating which leads to undesirable weight gain. Jumping on the trampoline helps elevate your mood by releasing a rush of “happy” chemicals so you are less inclined to overeat to make yourself feel better. Jumping fitness helps to you to attain a well-toned and better-contoured body quickly as it is an excellent weight bearing exercise and fat burner. A better self image boosts confidence and eases feelings of fear and inadequacy so you are more able to take on life’s challenges.

Generally, people who do jump fitness regularly, work longer, sleep better and feel more relaxed. So let’s jump to counter the damaging effects of stress. When the going gets tough, the tough goes jumping!

On top of the world. I am so happy, it makes me a Youtuber for jumping fitness.

Fiona Chen, Vlogger


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