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5 Benefits Of A Home-Based Rebounding Program

With outbreaks of the novel coronavirus infections among people across Asia and other parts of the world, there is increasing public health concerns with new measures to contain the transmission. Public health advisories encourage people to limit overseas travel and stay away from crowded places. However, it is crucial to keep active and positive during this period of uncertainty. If you choose to stay away from the gym and refrain from group exercises, you could still keep fit in the comforts of your home with a good-quality mini-trampoline.

Stay in with a mini trampoline and enjoy a world of health benefits

Whether you are serving a stay-home notice or recuperating from a physical condition, you can get tremendous benefits from a home-based rebounding program. Even if you are a full-time caregiver, or a mother with little ones and little time for yourself, you can still incorporate short but beneficial rebounding sessions in-between times. 

Rebounding, or jumping exercises on the mini-trampoline is perhaps the most simple and effective exercise you can carry out at home. Here are five good reasons why a home-based rebounding program is a great thing to implement for you and your family.

1) A home-based rebounding program is an easy and affordable exercise solution

Staying at home may result in a more sedentary lifestyle if you do not have the space or money to set up a home-based gym. However, a home-based rebounding program requires only a high-quality mini trampoline, which is affordable and does not take much space. Our Jumping Profi LIGHT trampoline is specially designed for home use and occupies an area of less than 1.5 square meters. As with our suite of Jumping Profi trampolines, the LIGHT model is safe and quality assured according to the most stringent international standards. It is sturdy and safe for the whole family.

If you are rebuilding your health after an illness, gentle bouncing on the trampoline, without even lifting your feet off the trampoline mat, can have tremendous health effects. Just 10 minutes each time will help to promote lymphatic circulation, boost immunity, and tone the entire body. You could also bounce while watching TV, which incidentally helps to strengthen your eye muscles. Instead of fixating on the TV screen, your eyes are shifting and refocusing each time you bounce on the trampoline. For more structured rebounding exercise routines, you could follow along with our home-use jumping fitness video tutorial series, which progressively guides you along.

2) Rebound for a more robust immune system

Rebounding is the best activity to enhance lymphatic circulation and to stimulate the production of lymphocytes, which are specialized white blood cells to defend the body against virus invasions. Lymphocytes also destroy rogue cells, such as cancer cells. Moreover, a well functioning lymphatic system helps to eliminate disease-causing toxins, lactic acid, bacteria, and other pathogens. A healthy immune system not only wards off infections but also aids in recovery from illnesses. A home-based rebounding program is thus both therapeutic and preventive and is an excellent way to stay healthy.

3) Rebound for Bone Health

Rebounding is a fantastic weight-bearing exercise that is effective in strengthening the bones. Bouncing up and down in the field of gravity creates a G-force of double the body’s weight, which can serve as strengthening resistance for the bones. However, unlike most weight-bearing exercises, rebounding does not impact vulnerable joints, cartilage, and vertebrae. So those with bone mineral loss issues could also rebound without aggravating their conditions. German medical studies headed by Dr. Joachim Schulz of the “Board for Preventive Medicine” showed that rebounding could stop the decrease of bone density due to osteoporosis. With a home-based rebounding program, you can take charge of your bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

4) Rebound for better balance & posture

Rebounding is a fantastic functional core exercise. Your body naturally engages your abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles to maintain your balance on the pliable trampoline mat, strengthening them over time. A strong core enables you to move around with ease, and physical activities become less exhausting. Strong core muscles will also help you to maintain a good posture and make you less susceptible to lower back pains. As we bounce on the trampoline, we are also actively working on the ocular and inner ear canal to help improve balance, coordination, and reaction time. Rebounding is particularly beneficial for seniors. Studies have shown that trampoline exercises help to improve the dynamic balance in older people and enhance their ability to regain balance during a fall.

5) Rebound to lose weight and strengthen the entire body

Being overweight can put one at risk of numerous diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, and cancers, among others. High-intensity rebounding exercise is effective in reaching target heart rates and burning fats. A study, published in the International Journal of Sports Science, reveals that rebounding is more effective in reducing body fats percentage than running. Rebounding subjects every cell of the body to the changing forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity. All 638 muscles in the body respond to this by repeatedly flexing and relaxing, thereby strengthening and toning the entire body efficiently. 

An Affordable Alternative To Gym Membership

If exercising outdoors or working out at the gym is not practical or recommended, rebounding is a viable indoor exercise that could support many of our health and fitness needs. The mini trampoline is probably the only exercise equipment that you will ever need for a home-based exercise program that will benefit your whole body.

Get definite results with one of our premium, quality-assured mini-trampolines, engineered for safe and effective workouts.


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  1. This is so amazing alternate of gyms for maintain your body fat and health. By jumping on trampoline you burn your calories and in this way your fat also burn. Its so amazing this, by using trampoline you can maintain your physical health as well as mental health. Because trampoline is a good source of fun and enjoyment. Thanks

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