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Strengthening your core with jumping fitness

Strengthening Your Core with Jumping Fitness

Having a strong core is not just for aesthetic reasons. While a formidable, six-packed tummy will definitely help one look good in crop tops and bikinis, physical appearance is not the only reason why we should develop strong core muscles.

A strong core helps to make physical activities easier

Our core muscles encompass and support the spine and pelvis, connecting the upper and lower body . They literally support the entire body and play a major role in our everyday activities, like lifting your backpack, putting on your clothes, picking up the baby and getting out of bed. In fact, any activity that involves lifting, twisting, and standing depends on core muscles. A strong core provides balance and stability and helps agility to prevent falls, sprains and injuries during physical movement. Because movements require less effort with a strong core, fatigue is reduced and endurance increased. You will find you can accomplish more tasks and do them with ease.

A strong core enhances posture

Maintaining good posture doesn’t just help to present a confident and attractive appearance, it is vital for the health of the entire body. Good body alignment not only prevents degeneration of joint surfaces which could lead to arthritis and joint pains, it also aids in respiratory and digestive health as well as protects your inner organs and central nervous system. Posture matters and good posture begins with a strong abdominal core. Poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries are usually caused by weak core muscles. If you are susceptible to lower back pain, strengthening your core muscles will greatly help to alleviate the condition.(1)

A strong core enhances sports performance

Core strength provides the stability and mobility for outstanding sport performance. It is the proper base on which other parts of the body are strengthened. A study involving long distance runners showed that runners who did six weeks of core strength training increased their speed in a 5km run.(2) Whether you’re a beginner taking the first steps toward fitness or a committed fitness enthusiast working to optimize your results, developing a strong core is the first step to reaching your fitness goals safely and effectively.

Jumping Fitness shapes and strengthens core muscles

Jumping Fitness is a premium aerobic rebounding program which helps to burn abdominal fats efficiently as well as to tone and define the entire abdominal core. As you exercise on the trampoline, your core muscles are developed through repeated flexing and relaxing as you bounce on the trampoline mat. Your core is primarily engaged and worked when you jump on the trampoline and having fun. Jumping fitness is a functional core exercise which is all about power, strength and stabilization. In fact it helps to shape abdominal muscle more effectively then standard crunches and situps.

For beautiful abs as well as overall vitality, mobility and balance, strengthen your core with jumping fitness. If you are an older person, you can thwart the ravages of time, and get a youthful body by developing your core strength. Make a reservation today for a jumping fitness workout with Jumping Singapore.


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