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it was an amazing 2018 for Jumping

It Was An Amazing 2018 For Jumping Singapore

Jumping Singapore 2018 infographics


It had been an amazing and eventful year for Jumping Singapore. We are grateful to our clients, supporters, donors and volunteers for jumping with us, supporting our events and giving generously towards our cause of alleviating poverty & homelessness in Singapore. Thank you for journeying with us and making a difference. We hope you have enjoyed the year as much as we have.


We had a happy busy year last year. To provide more options for our clients we created many new classes, and conducted over 1.5K classes in total, at 3 locations in Chong Pang, Parkway Centre and City Hall. So, whether you are a 9-6 executive, a homemaker or a rotating shift professional, there will likely be a suitable weekly jumping workout time for you at one of our studio venues. To book in for a class, please download our app JumpingSG or call us at 97735538.


To all our clients, thank you for checking us out. We were elated you came. Your presence meant a lot to us and we wanted you to have fun and to get the most out of your jumping sessions. Thank you for the opportunity to share jumping fitness with you. It is a very beneficial full body fitness program that is rejuvenative, vitalizing and preventive and is especially good for ladies due to its ability to enhance lymphatic circulation and to protect the knees and joints.

Last year, we welcomed and served more than 3.5K first time jumpers at our various studio locations. It was very gratifying to receive these newcomers and be part of their transformation journey henceforth. Regular jumping inevitably changed and transformed the individual inside out. Within a few short weeks, many would find increased energy and stamina as well as a toner and more defined body shape. We are always intrigued by the familiar transition from, “not sure if can last to the end…” to “can’t get enough!

Make our day… join us for a trial session. We are current running a trial promo of 3 trial sessions for only $29. Download our app JumpingSG or call 97735538 to make your reservations.


Our heart is in the community. We love bringing our trampolines and jumping fitness to the people. We had the privilege to be involved in many community and corporate events last year, including several Car Free Sundays by ActiveSG, Healthy Workplace Ecosystem by HPB, National Day JumpLah by Sports Singapore, Fitness Fest by AIA and our own fundraising event, the Singapore Jump Fest. We also worked with RCs, NCs and CCMCs to bring jumping fitness to their residents. Whatever the national health campaign we are in it together with the people. Let’s exercise to fight diabetes!

A jumping fitness workout is also an excellent cohesion activity at any corporate fitness event. We have been invited to host jumping fitness sessions for many corporate clients. Do contact us for your next corporate fitness event or Family Day. It would be a fun and engaging time with your staff and corporate guests.


Jumping Singapore is blessed to have 3 new partners in 2018. Prestique Studio at Clark Quay came on board in March 2018. This happening studio is founded by Ms Joraine Tan, who is also an outstanding certified jumping fitness instructor.

Our collaboration with Studio Lavie began in June 2018. This studio is situated at Parkway Center and is run by 3 beautiful ladies, Betty Chua, Sharon Toh and Charlee Toh who are bosom buddies and business partners as well as missions-minded christians who spearheaded a longstanding work amongst orphans in Indonesia. They are also very business savvy people due to their many years of experience as dance instructors in the dance & fitness industry.

Real Fit is our newest partner with business operations at Cineleisure Orchard. It is owned by Master Saumik Bera who was incidentally awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2018. Real Fit is a sister company of Real Yoga, which runs a chain of yoga centres in Singapore, India and Indonesia.


Kids are natural jumpers and jumping fitness is a fun way to expend their boundless energy. Last year, more than 4 thousand kids jumped with us in their schools during Children’s Day and their respective Sports Carnivals. These are typically full day events, and children of different levels are organized into groups of 50-100 and rostered for different 15-30 minutes jumping time slots. To ensure safety and maximum engagement, we would strictly keep to our 1:30, instructor to kids ratio. Moreover, our volunteers and teachers work hand in hand to maintain order and discipline, because the kids simply don’t want to stop. For school events, please contact Rosalind at rosalind@newhopecs.org.sg


Last year, we ran the Basic Jumping Diploma Course in January, June and September, and certified a total of 52 new jumping fitness instructors. These candidates were trained and tested by Master Trainers from Czech Republic. After undergoing a rigorous theoretical and practical curriculum, the candidates were assessed against the passing criteria before being awarded the certificates. Newly certified instructors are required to team teach with existing instructors for several months to increase technical competencies and gain classroom experience before being considered for adhoc or regular class assignments. If you are considering a fitness career with Jumping Singapore, do signup for our next certification course here.


Jumping Fitness instructor Ms Su Fangting achieved the Advanced Jumping Diploma in Seoul last July. This was a proud moment for Jumping Singapore as this is a highly acclaimed certification and she was the first Singaporean to be awarded. Ms Su Fangting began as a Jumping Singapore client who fell hopelessly in love with jumping fitness. Known for her off the charts stamina, she became a certified instructor in January 2018. Within 6 months she achieved her advance diploma which is a phenomenal accomplishment. The first Advance Jumping Diploma course will be conducted in Singapore this year. We are expecting more Jumping Singapore instructors to be awarded. Watch this space for our congratulatory announcements.


The Singapore Jump Fest is our annual fundraising event to garner donations for our Charity, New Hope Community Services. More than 600 participants, donors and sponsors came together last October and raised more than $350K towards Project Elevation – to set up a Life Skills Training and Retreat Centre for low income and displaced families and individuals in Singapore. We are grateful for the support of all our instructors and our international guests, MT Nailton Heringer, Mr Ritchie Lee and Team Jumping Malaysia, Ms Hai Yoon of Jumping Korea and Ms Enely Sarapuu of Jumping Estonia. We also greatly appreciate our Guest of Honor, MP Mr Edwin Tong, Senior Minister of State for Law and Health and Special Guest, Mr Phillip Tan, Chairman of Community Chest for gracing the event.


This year, Jumping Singapore will be working towards providing better services to our clients and expanding our business operations to more locations. Thank you for being there for us. The good Lord will bless the works of our hands. 2019 shall be our best year yet!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to take part in this jumping classes but u don’t really cater for retail workers ..I’m residing in Woodlands wnd working in Orchard area..I can go for morning classes as I start work 11am n off work 830..and my off days Sunday

    1. Hi Serene, our earliest weekday classes are at 10:30am and the last class is 8:30pm. Are you able to join us weekends or during your off days? Please download our booking app Jumping Singapore for our real time class schedules. Or call us at 97737758 for assistance.

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