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Business Partnerships

Jumping® Fitness is setting the world on fire. Within a few short years, it is in more than 50 countries in the world. Jumping® Fitness is synonymous with vibrancy, energy, creativity and robust health. Of all the fitness programs available, this is one that not only raises fitness levels but builds your health from the inside out.

Business owners, you can build a lucrative fitness business by bringing Jumping® Fitness to your clients. It is a very comprehensive fitness program that provides the boost many people are looking for, causing them to come back again and again for more. Here are 4 compelling reasons to incorporate jumping® fitness into your studio programs now.

1) Be among the first to promote a beneficial fitness program that is taking the world by storm

Be a pioneer in jumping® fitness here by getting in at this opportune time. Offer this excellent program to your existing and potential clients and see your clientele base expand. Be a leading Jumping® Fitness studio and create a reputation for outstanding class experience.

2) Take advantage of a promising business opportunity that requires zero initial investment outlay

You can experiment with the Jumping® Fitness program and test market receptivity without incurring any investment cost. With a profit sharing collaboration, you can focus on marketing and delivering amazing group fitness classes. Considering existing market trends, these could potentially be lucrative sources of revenue that would significantly boost profits for your company.

3) Be empowered with technical and marketing support from Jumping® Singapore

Jumping® Singapore is the sole authorized agent of Jumping® products in Singapore. We provide tremendous support for our partners in terms of training and materials. Send your instructors for our Instructor’s Certification Courses and build a team of highly competent and internationally recognized Jumping® Instructors. Participate in our island wide events and take part in our competitions. Welcome to the universal Jumping® family.

4) Help the needy while building your business

When you collaborate with us in a profit sharing agreement, you are really giving back to the community by helping the homeless Singaporeans among us. Jumping® Singapore is run by a non-profit organisation that channels all proceeds to fund our socials projects.

Terms Of Collaboration

1) Jumping® Fitness must be conducted on the Jumping® Profi mini trampolines that are specially designed for this proprietary fitness program.

2) Jumping® Fitness must be conducted by Jumping® Fitness instructors certified by the Jumping World Team, Czech Republic.

3) Business owners may rent jumping® profi mini trampolines from Jumping® Singapore at our prevailing rates for the purpose of conducting jumping® fitness classes at venues approved by Jumping® Singapore and the Jumping® Office Czech Republic.

4) Business owners may opt for a profit sharing collaboration whereby the profits generated from classes conducted at approved venues are to be shared on mutually agreed ratios.

If you are keen to partner with us in promoting Jumping® Fitness to your clients, contact our Social Enterprise Manager at 96313710 or leave us a message here.

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