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Be an internationally certified Jumping® Fitness Instructor!

Like all of us here at Jumping® Singapore, we perfectly understand how one can get addicted to jumping. The day is not complete without a good sweat-out on the Profi® mini trampoline. You have become a Jumping® evangelist, infecting others with your zeal and enthusiasm, With a spark in your eye, a tune in your mouth and spring in your step, you attest to that fact that jumping® has changed you from the inside out.

We like to invite you to be a jumping® advocate and a change agent to bring jumping® to people everywhere. We invite you to enroll for our Jumping® Instructor Certification Course.


5 good reasons why you should enroll for the next Jumping® Instructor Certification Course

1) You will perfect your jumping® techniques

You will be trained by elite Master Trainers accredited with the Jumping World Team at Czech Republic. You will undergo a rigorous training program during which you will be instructed and honed to be the best.

2) You will be certified an ORIGINAL jumping® instructor 

With the recent rise of several pseudo jumping programs, it is essential to be certified with the original. As a certified Jumping® Fitness Instructor, you will be considered for teaching positions in any Jumping® center.

3) You will have an additional source of income

You can become a freelance Jumping® Fitness instructor at Jumping® Singapore or any approved jumping® center. If you own a fitness studio, you can collaborate with Jumping® Singapore to conduct jumping® classes at your business premise, to build a lucrative business, helping many to attain better health and fitness levels at the same time.

4) You will enjoy the benefits of Jumping World Team 

Upon passing the course, you will be awarded the Jumping® Basic Diploma. This is not just a prestigious addition to your CV, but is an open door into the very exciting world of jumping® and jumping® instruction. You become part of the Jumping World Team, qualifying you to conduct Jumping® Fitness classes in Centres located in over 50 countries in the world. You will also be eligible for Jumping® Party Training, Jumping® Kids Training and Jumping® Advance Training. All these are designed to equip and prepare you for a very successful professional fitness career.

5) You will enjoy support in continual training to upgrade your teaching and jumping skills

Jumping® Singapore has a comprehensive in-house training program for instructors certified in Singapore. This is to ensure effectiveness in your classroom presentation and instruction. We organize fortnightly training sessions where existing instructors can learn from each other and from our pioneer instructors who have experienced measurable success in their careers. These training sessions are occasions for sharing and celebrating when you can learn and jump with the best.

Jumping® Instructors Certification Course Details

The jumping® instructor’s certification course is a theoretical and practical course that consists of

  • Movement Mechanics on the trampoline
  • Static & dynamic stretching
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Communications,
  • Terminology & relationship between music
  • Balance & coordination

The course fees is S$500. Register to ensure  a place in our next course scheduled for 16th-17th June 2018. 

Make your payment here.

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