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Rent A Trampoline & Join Our Virtual Classes

As Singapore tightens its SMM measures, Jumping Singapore will continue to support and facilitate your home-base exercise routines. To help you stay on form and in shape at all times, we are pleased to extend our trampoline rental service. At only $85 per month, and a one-time delivery/ labour fee of $20, it is one of the most affordable premium exercise equipment rental services. You could also subscribe to our on-demand virtual jumping fitness classes, with tutorials and jumping TABATA routines to guide you in your home-based keep-fit program. The subscription fee is only $50 per month.

Regular rebounding exercises build up cardiovascular health, enhance lymphatic circulation, boost immunity, and strengthen the entire body, without impacting vulnerable joints and bone. The best way to fight any disease pathogen is to be healthy. Rent a trampoline today to keep fit while staying at home.

Please download and sign the equipment lease agreement form here.

Please fill up the trampoline rental form below and attached the signed equipment lease agreement form, and we get back to you as soon as possible.

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    (Note: Due to the number of orders, we may not be able to deliver during your preferred time period. However, we will try. We will contact you to finalize the delivery time.)

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    **All required inputs are for the rental agreement and delivery purposes. We do not share your personal info.

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