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jumping fitness instructor Li Leng

Name: Tan Li Leng
Basic Jumping Fitness Diploma
Advanced Jumping Fitness Diploma
Certified Yoga, Pole, PoundFit and FightDo Instructor
Standard First Aid & CPR + AED Certification

Characteristics: Patient, Loving, Understanding, Encouraging, Nurturing

Li Leng is one of the pioneer jumping fitness instructors of Jumping Singapore and has been serving since 2015. With more than 30 years experience in the fitness industry, she has been instrumental in the initial setup of the enterprise and the running of our first studio in Yishun. In addition, she ardently supports and invests her time and energies in the humanitarian projects of Jumping Singapore to alleviate homelessness in Singapore.

Li Leng buddies with another veteran instructor, Costner, and this dynamic duo gives of their best to ensure that jumpers have an awesome workout in every class. Together with her buddy, this pint-sized instructor brings out the best in their classes with her bubbly personality and a never-say-die attitude.

As one of the Instructor Team Leads, Li Leng sits on the Jumping Singapore Committee to help the Management in decision making by representing the interests of the instructors. As a senior instructor, she also helps to train new instructors and ensure that they acquire the required competencies to serve clients professionally.

jumping fitness instructor Li Leng

“Be kind in thoughts, words and deeds.” Tan Li Leng

Never secretive about her age, jumping fitness instructor Tan Li Leng is astonishingly beautiful at 64 with the physique of a teenage girl. When asked about her anti-aging secrets, she always answers with a smile that exercise is number one.

“And in my opinion, Jumping Fitness is one of the best forms of exercise for seniors. Exercising on a trampoline eliminates the stress on my joints and muscles, enabling me to enjoy the sport. It works on every muscle group…legs, arms, and core. It also strengthens my bones & my heart, improves my balance & coordination and stimulates my circulatory & lymphatic systems. In addition to these important health benefits, jumping is fun!!! Jumping Fitness at my age helps me look and feel younger than my 64 years.”

Li Leng conducts classes at Far East, Peninsula, Citygate and Jurong East Studios. If you haven’t done so, please download our app, Jumping Singapore, to make a reservation with Li Leng.

“My first class with Li Leng and it was fun! There are very fun moves which I enjoyed doing it with the class! She is also very motivating and very clear in her instructions.” Angeline Yong

“She is awesome coach. 👍” Nani Mulia

“Great music, good pacing, intense workout :)” Linda Wan

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