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Name: Su Fangting

Basic Diploma in Jumping Fitness
Advanced Diploma in Jumping Fitness
Standard First Aid & CPR + AED Certification
HIGHJUMP Jumping Shoe Instructor Certification

Affable, Energetic, Encouraging, Loyal, Friendly, Passionate

Fangting specializes in insane burn classes. She is known for her technical precision and effortless high-intensity stomping moves. She believes in helping jumpers push the limit and bringing them to the next level. “You either train insane or remain the same.”

Fangting is all about discarding limiting beliefs and stretching your limits. She wants to inspire you and show you possibilities you’ve never imagine. She nudges you to question the status quo by bringing you through an euphoria experience of accomplishing the impossible, one bit at a time.

Fangting incorporates mainly EDM – HARDSTYLE and Tech-Tech Techno music in her classes. PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR!! Her high-intensity workouts are designed to give you the adrenaline rush that will leave you feeling happy and accomplished. Pains are only temporary, and they will be all worthwhile when you see your incredible body and fitness transformations.

jumping fitness instructor Fangting

“Limits like fears are often just an illusion.” Michael Jordan

Fangting first tried jumping at a sports event. She fell in love with it instantly and began her search for the best jump program. Jumping Fitness was the no-brainer choice. It was formulated by real exercise experts, and is being constantly improved upon and finetuned since its inception in 2001. Moreover it is enjoyed by people in more than 60 countries the world.

Fangting became a full time Jumping Fitness Instructor in 2018. She loves it because it unleashes the “wild” side of herself. Jumping workouts are motivational because everyone is rooting to move forward together with contagious positivity. It has also became an psychological outlet for her, helping her to rebalance her life while lifting her moods and stimulating optimism.

Fangting conducts classes at Peninsula, Jurong East, Punggol and Far East Studios. If you haven’t done so, please download our app, Jumping Singapore, to make a reservation with Fangting.

“Fangting’s classes are always a blast! Absolutely enjoy them as the combinations always push you to your limits, helping you realize what you never thought you’d be able to achieve ! Best workout ever.” Nicole Wee

“Any class with Fangting is fun and insane! Thank you for always pushing us to do our best!” Angeline Yong

“Powerful class to train the stamina, definitely will be back to train with FangTing.”  Cynthia Lee

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