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Name: Sally Lee

Basic Diploma in Jumping Fitness
Standard First Aid & CPR + AED Certification

Friendly, Energetic, Encouraging, Patient, Passionate

Sally is a delightful and personal jumping coach. She encourages her jumpers to take charge of their health and make time each day, to do what is needed to improve. She prioritizes results and ensures that her jumpers execute their routines correctly to get the outcome they want, safely and effectively. Sally finds it extremely rewarding to see a complete novice transform from “zero to hero”. She customizes her class according to the jumpers’ level yet ensures that every routine is beneficial and fun. Sally loves to incorporate POP and EDM-Hardstyle music into her jumping routines. Music is key, and the right tracks can help her jumpers push their limits to achieve better results more quickly.

Sally’s classes are interactive and personal, and she encourages her jumpers to open up to new possibilities and friendships. Do not think that having a slim and healthy body is beyond you. Everybody can do it. Jumping works, and it is easy to jump regularly because it’s so fun. And before you know it, you are a new person.

“Impossible is nothing.” Muhammad Ali

Sally says her life has never been the same again after she started jumping. She loves jumping and feels that jumping loves her back. From a girl who constantly felt tired, Sally is now vibrant, confident, and feels and looks younger. Not only is she healthier and more robust, but her fitness journey has also been safe and rewarding. Even after hours of jumping, she does not experience achy joints and bodily strain that often come from other impactful exercises.
Moreover, she feels fulfilled that she can inspire her friends and clients to jump regularly and experience becoming more youthful and stronger, just like herself.

Sally asserts that jumping is an excellent antiaging workout for both men and women. It tones and regenerates the entire body, so health and beauty radiate from the inside out. If you haven’t done so, please download the Jumping Singapore app to book a class now.

“Great efforts! Ailene gives very audible instructions and Sally explained the various techniques well. Keep it up!” Eunice Ee

“Great instructor. V interactive class” Kodrat, Elita

“Quite an alright pace, good for beginners or ppl returning for exercise and older people to try, gets some cardio workout without having to worry about impact on joints. Sally is very nice and sweet.” Classpass jumper

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