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Jumping Singapore instructor Maureen Cheah

Name: Maureen Cheah

Basic Diploma In Jumping Fitness
Standard First Aid (with CPR+AED) Certification
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Certificate of Achievement Basic Exercise Science

Characteristics: Funny, Fun-loving, Just being me… the music tells

As a coach and trainer, Maureen has a knack for simplifying things to make learning easy for everyone. In addition, she is fun, animated, and sometimes quite hilarious. Hence, jumpers have a great time working out while picking up essential techniques to exercise effectively and efficiently.

Many asked Maureen, “Why Jumping?” The simple answer is her love for music. “The ability to dance and have fun on a low-impact surface with like-minded friends is just awesome. Also, jumping is a good form of exercise to stay fit, alert, and youthful. Don’t underestimate Jumping Fitness. It may look simple, but the muscle groups engaged to keep balance are more than one thinks!”

Jumping Singapore instructor Maureen Cheah

“When In Doubt, Turn The MUSIC up!”

In 2017, Jumping Fitness was the newest sport in town. The idea of a low-impact exercise away from the sun was very appealing. So Maureen attended a jumping event with a friend to check Jumping Singapore out.

“I thought it would be a kids’ play until I tried it…puff…puff… Then I decided that this was the sport I could challenge myself to get back my fitness.” Maureen started jumping once a week, then twice, and then more. Coupled with a controlled diet of reduced sugar and salt intake, it took her around 6 months to get back her “outrigger” figure (from XL to S). To get to know Maureen more, book into one of her classes today!

Maureen conducts classes at Far East and Parkway Studios. If you haven’t done so, please download our app, Jumping Singapore, to make a reservation with Maureen.

“Great workout made more enjoyable with Maureen’s fun music playlist and moves.” Joyce Chan

” Very patient and give clear instruction” Jolyn Choo

“Music is very important to me. So I love her classes coz she is very good, her movements are aligned to the music she plays & I love her choice of music!!!” Stella Darren-Ryan

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