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Name: Audrey Tan

Basic Diploma in Jumping Fitness
Standard First Aid & CPR + AED Certification

Characteristics: Friendly, Energetic, Encouraging & Caring

Audrey is your sweet, spicy fitness coach, soft-spoken, considerate yet dynamic, and inspiring. Besides being a jumping fitness instructor, Audrey is a full-time medical professional. She prioritizes safety and preventive care and brings her values to the studio. She ensures that her jumpers exercise safely and effectively by imparting correct techniques and supervising them closely.

Most importantly, Audrey wants her jumpers to relax and enjoy a good jump, to de-stress and recharge. She uses her favorite pop tracks in her jumping routines to motivate them. Audrey constantly encourages her jumpers to push their limits, so they become better over time. She also enjoys helping new jumpers learn the basic jumping techniques so that they get more out of the regular classes. Jumping is beneficial for everyone as it is a low-impact, cardio group exercise that boosts your physical and mental well-being. So, it is never too late to start jumping now.

“Life is short for regrets! Treasure and enjoy every moment.”

Jumping is a love-at-first encounter experience for Audrey. She noticed a tremendous improvement in her stamina when she took up jumping fitness and became an avid jumper. Being fitter helps her to complete her marathon with less effort too. In addition, Audrey enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes with jumping in unison with friends to energizing music with a supercharged instructor. She feels that people who are already active should also jump as it protects the bones and joints yet helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals quicker than other conventional exercises such as running.

Audrey normally conducts classes with fellow instructor Tina Lai at Far East and Peninsula Studios. If you haven’t done so, please download our app, Jumping Singapore, to make a reservation with them.

“Friendly instructors who will demo the moves.” Classpass Jumper

“Totally loved the super positive vibes from these 2 beautiful and cheerful instructors! Really enjoyed their class!” Sarah Amanda Lim

“Class was very hyped up, instructors were clear about what steps to expect before playing each song. I had fun and enjoyed myself.”  Kate Lim

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