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jumplah singapore

JUMPING SINGAPORE brings rebounding to the communities with the objective of building a more cohesive and healthier Singapore. This National Day, join us LIVE and for FREE on 9th Aug 2021 at one of our special-edition, live-streamed, virtual jumping fitness workout sessions. Let’s jump to a happier, healthier and stronger Singapore. 

JUMPLAH SINGAPORE will be conducted via Zoom conferencing platform. Signups will receive the zoom link the day before. You need a mini trampoline to join the jumping fitness sessions. If you do not have a trampoline, please consider renting or purchasing one from Jumping Singapore. You may contact us at 97735538 for assistance.
Jumplah Singapore
The JUMPLAH SINGAPORE virtual sessions have a National Day theme and will cater to a mix of jumpers, from beginners to the seasoned. Please be ready about 15 minutes before start time, in comfortable sports attire and shoes. We also encourage all participants to dress in national day colours if possible. And yes :) we will be reciting the pledge to renew our allegiance as a unique people of a unique nation. We hope everyone will catch the National Day spirit, be glad and grateful for the country we have built together, for WE ARE SINGAPORE. Each session will deliver a full-body workout through a sequence of curated jumping fitness moves to strengthen and tone the entire body. It is a high-intensity class that builds cardiovascular fitness rapidly.

How To Sign Up For Your Free Jumping Fitness Workout

1) Goto Jumping Singapore Booking Portal or download the app, Jumping Singapore, on your android, or iphone.

2) Create and account with your email.

3) Tap on the LIVE STREAM tab on the top menu bar.

4) Goto 9th August schedule.

5) Book into one of the scheduled JUMPLAH sessions, 10am, 11:30am, 3pm and 5pm.

6) If you need any assistance, contact us at 97735538.

We the citizens of Singapore
Pledge ourselves as one united people
Regardless of race, language or religion
To build a democratic society
Based on justice and equality
So as to achieve happiness
Prosperity and progress for our nation

Remembering how far we’ve come and renewing our allegiance to our Singapore.

jumplah Singapore


our fellow-citizens in need


JUMPING SINGAPORE is a social enterprise initiative by New Hope Community Services, a registered charity that provides transitional shelters for displaced and poverty-stricken families and individuals in Singapore. All the proceeds of our business go directly and totally towards funding the social programs undertaken to elevate the lives of the needy. So when you purchase our products and services, you are impacting lives and giving hope of a better future to many disadvantaged people in Singapore. If you wish, you may donate towards the cause of ending homelessness in Singapore by clicking on the donate button.

Safety & Precautions:

1) You are advised not to participate in our fitness workouts if you are pregnant, or have existing medical conditions without first consulting your doctor.

2) Please ensure that your handle bar is securely tightened before the workout begins. For the best rebound effect, please conduct your exercise in the middle of your trampoline at all times. Please keep yourself hydrated by taking regular sips of water between the workout routines. 

3) Please jump with proper sports shoes.

4) Exercise at your own pace and do not push yourself to the extreme.

5) If you have just recently been jabbed, please refrain from jumping for about 2 weeks.

jumplah Singapore

Participation in the fitness workouts involves physical activity, which may expose you to the risk of personal injury or property damage. By registering for the workout, you will assume all risks arising directly or indirectly from your participation and agree to fully indemnify New Hope Community Services and Jumping Singapore from and against all injuries, damages or losses.

In other words, be careful. As this is a virtual exercise event, we are not able to supervise you closely.

See you on National Day!

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