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Sat & Sun, 8-9 April 2023, HomeTeamNS Khatib,

2 Yishun Walk, Level 2 Ballroom, Singapore 767944

Join us for an exciting and fulfilling experience, while making a difference in the lives of homeless Singaporeans! You can contribute to the welfare of our beneficiaries by simply participating in our curated jumping and wellness activities. Come and be part of this noble cause, meet new friends, and enjoy exhilarating jumping workouts that will leave you feeling energized and fulfilled. Let’s jump together and make a positive impact in our community!

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JUMP! Come Up Higher

“COME UP HIGHER is a call to fellow Singaporeans to elevate and empower disadvantaged and displaced individuals and families to bounce back higher when life knocks them down.”

A 2019 study by the National University of Singapore found more than 1036 homeless people in Singapore, with less than half staying in temporary shelters, most sleeping rough on the streets each night. The Singapore Jump Fest is a community fitness event in support of New Hope Community Services, a Social Service Agency that provides transitional shelters and related services for low-income and displaced Singaporeans. Since its inception in 2003, thousands of needy individuals and families have sought refuge in its shelters.

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Alleviating The Plight Of Low-Income & Homeless Singaporeans

With nearly two decades of experience in shelter operations, New Hope Community Services has developed and implemented innovative approaches to address the underlying issues of homelessness. Today, it operates four shelters in Singapore, serving displaced families and individuals, including homeless ex-convicts and rough sleepers.

You can contribute to the welfare of our beneficiaries and make a difference simply by participating in our fun and energizing party jumps. The proceeds from running this community fitness event will go to support the social programs for low-income and homeless individuals and families in Singapore. Thank you for your support. Together we can do so much more.

About New Hope Community Services

The Singapore Jump Fest Highlights

Jumping Singapore invites you and your family to be part of Singapore’s only community wellness event with a social cause. It promises to be a weekend of fun and excitement with the following highlights:

1) Enjoy 75-minute Jumping Big Parties
Get ready to jump to your heart’s content with 75 minutes of non-stop jumping fun with exciting party themes. Our Jumping Big Parties will take you on a journey through different themes and keep you entertained and energized.

2) Only $22 Per Pax
What’s more, our ticket price is only $22 per pax, less than our regular studio drop-in rate! So that means you get to enjoy more jumping time and save some money at the same time.

3) Exclusive Jumping Package Discounts
But that’s not all – registered guests also get exclusive jumping package discounts to continue the jumping fun beyond the event.

4) Jump With Master Trainer Nailton Heringer!
And guess what? You get to jump with our special guest Master Trainer Nailton Herringer, whose passion for jumping and infectious energy have made him a crowd favorite at Jumping Big Parties around the world.  

5) Receive Swag bags With Sponsored Goodies
Registered guests will also receive a special Jump! swag bag filled with sponsored gifts and discount vouchers from our sponsors. You won’t want to miss out on these amazing goodies!

6) Wellness Live Talk Shows
But we’re not just about jumping – we also want to help you enjoy holistic health and to live well and long beautifully. That’s why we have live talk shows with our panel of health and fitness guest experts. You will learn tips and tricks on how to stay fit and healthy and make the most out of life.

7) Non-Invasive Professional Health Screenings
And if that’s not enough – registered guests can also receive a non-invasive Inbody120 health screening and assessments with on-site consultations and health recommendations! This means you can learn more about your body composition, muscle mass, and overall health status and get personalized advice from health partners from ASES to help you achieve your health goals. So not only will you have an amazing time jumping and partying, but you’ll also leave with a better understanding of your body and how to take care of it.

8) Do Good This Special Good Friday Weekend
The Singapore Jump Fest is more than just a fitness event – it’s a community initiative to help alleviate homelessness in Singapore. By participating in this event, you’re not only having fun and getting fit but also making a difference in the lives of low-income and homeless Singaporeans. 

So come join us at the Singapore Jump Fest and let’s jump our way to a happier, healthier, and more compassionate community! Register now and be a part of this meaningful cause.

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MT Nailton Heringer

Master Trainer Nailton Heringer

Brazilian Master Trainer Nailton Heringer aka Nale is another outstanding trainer among the Jumping Fitness elite group of masters. As a master trainer, he has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their fitness goals through his dynamic and engaging classes.

Nale’s unique approach to jumping fitness incorporates elements of dance, cardio, and strength training to deliver a full-body workout that is both fun and effective. His passion for jumping and infectious energy have made him a crowd favorite at Jumping Big Parties around the world. Take this chance to give back to the community with Nale at the Singapore Jump Fest while experiencing the high-energy, full-body workout that has taken the fitness world by storm.

Register now for Nale’s Jumping Big Party slots at our 2-day fitness event and get ready to be wowed by the master himself.

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Program Schedule:

Sat, 8 April 2023

10:00am – 12:00pm
Jumping Big Party: Tomorrowland
by Storm & Allies with Fangting, Shirley, Yixuan, Rene, Emilia, Rachel, Janelle, Ailene, Sally and Special Guest Master Trainer Nailton Heringer
10:00am: Welcome & Opening by Director of Jumping Singapore
10:05am: Opening Jump Item
10:10am: Interactive Talk Show with Jenniser/Christopher, Danie, Catherine and Kim,
10:45am: Jumping Big Party
12:00pm: End

01:00pm – 03:00pm
The Ultimate Pop Festival: Kpop
by Y&J & Team 23:59:59 with Yanni, Jane, Alyson, Nen Wen, Tina, Audrey Tan, Eve, Carinn, Elaine, Audrey Njoto
01:00pm: Welcome & Opening Jump item
01:10pm: Interactive Talk Show with Yanni, Karen, Jenniser/Christopher and Danie
01:45pm: Jumping Big Party
03:00pm: End

03:30pm – 04:50pm
The Ultimate Pop Festival: MandoPop
by Y&J & Team 23:59:59 with Yanni, Jane, Alyson, Nen Wen, Tina, Audrey Tan, Eve, Carinn, Elaine, Audrey Njoto
03:30pm: Welcome & Opening Jump item
03:35pm: Jumping Big Party
04:50pm: End

05:15pm – 06:35pm
The Ultimate Pop Festival: RetroPop
by Y&J & Team 23:59:59 with Yanni, Jane, Alyson, Nen Wen, Tina, Audrey Tan, Eve, Carinn, Elaine, Audrey Njoto, Lorraine, Serene
05:15pm: Welcome & Opening Jump item
05:20pm: Jumping Big Party
06:35pm: End

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Program Schedule:

Sun, 9 April 2023

9:00am – 10:20am
Jumping Big Party (International Breakfast)
by Team WEvolution with Instructors Jeffreyston, Chloe, Clarice, Jessica Sim, Jessica Soh, Pauline, Walter and Special Guest Master Trainer Nailton Heringer
09:00am: Welcome & Opening Jump item
09:05am: Jumping Big Party
10:20am: End

10:45am – 12:05pm
Jumping Big Party (Chinese Pop)
by Team WEvolution with instructors Melissa, Jeannie, Raymond, Bambi, Marc and Special Guest Master Trainer Nailton Heringer
10:45am: Welcome & Opening Jump item
10:50am: Jumping Big Party
12:05pm: End

12:30pm – 01:50pm
Jumping Big Party (Superheros)
by Team WEvolution with instructors Peter, Pow, Jaclyn, Gabriela, Hui Min, Frances, Li Leng, Hacene and Special Guest Master Trainer Nailton Heringer
12:30pm: Welcome & Opening Jump item
12:35pm: Jumping Big Party
01:50pm: End

02:15pm – 04:05pm
Jumping Big Party (Finale)
by The Renegades led by Vanessa, Rebecca, Ruiwen, Janice, Stephanie, Ying Xuan, Pauline, Lily, Andy and Special Guest Master Trainer Nailton Heringer
02:15pm: Welcome & Opening Jump item
02:20pm: Interactive Talk Show with Jenniser/Christopher, Danie, Catherine and Dr Koh Lam Son
02:50pm: Jumping Big Party
04:05pm: End

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Wellness Talk Shows with Our Panel of Health & Fitness Experts

Our interactive wellness talk shows aim to provide great value to our jumping party guests with educational content and activities that promote holistic health. While jumping fitness is an integral part of our care regime, our experts’ wellness recommendations will further equip you with valuable knowledge and tools in your pursuit of optimal well-being. If you have a question for our panel of experts, please write to js@jumpingsingapore.com. Let’s press on to live long and happy lives beautifully. 

Danie dharmu physiotherapist

Master Trainer and Nutrition Specialist,

Danie is passionate about helping people get into their best shape, become the best version of themselves and live a higher quality of life. He creates personalized training and nutrition plans that help people to improve their body composition, prevent chronic disease and has anti-ageing effects. Danie is also an accomplished bodybuilder, a 5-time national champion, a 3-time Mr. Singapore, with gold medals hauls at an Asian Championship and a World-Regional Championship.

Dr Chia Yin Nin

Gynaecological Oncologist,
Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore

Dr Chia’s clinical expertise includes screening and treating gynaecological cancers such as the cervix, uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes, vulva, and pre-cancer gynaecological diseases. Other conditions include abnormal pap smears, heavy menses, irregular menses, menstrual cramps, ovarian cysts, uterine prolapse, and vagina infections. She is also an ardent advocate of holistic health, teaching her patients personal care and choices to maintain health and prevent diseases.

Senior Nurse Clinician,
Tan Tock Sing Hospital

As a Senior Nurse Clinician with TTSH’s Department of Urology, Karen works closely with geriatricians and urologists, playing a pivotal role in assessing and managing urinary incontinence and providing support and counseling to patients. She is a guest lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic and a guest speaker for public talks and conferences on continence topics. She believes that with exercise, weight management and appropriate intervention, incontinence issues can be reversed.

Christojen profile

Corrective Exercise Specialists,
HappyFit Wellness

Christopher and Jenniser are partners in helping people with chronic pain to improve their quality of life through Corrective Rehab Exercises. They founded HappyFit Wellness in 2018 to support clients in achieving their fitness goals, improving their health, and finding joy in movement. Over the years, they have worked with over a hundred chronic pain sufferers, and even achieved the SME500 award. Their simple 15-min a day method to get rid of chronic pain and boost fitness performance has helped many to radically improve their lives.

Kim Lee

Optavia Health Coach,
Ripple Health

With her background in brain feedback for optimising personal performance, Kim knows good health also means good brain health. She now inspires and empowers clients to transform their health through wiser lifestyle habits. Through this, she has seen them sleep better, reduce joint pain, reverse prediabetes, lose weight, and more. Kim views health as a lifelong journey. Her passion is to lead by example and to inspire and help people stay vital, active, and happy into their silver years.

Catherine Chan

TCM Meridian Trainer
Essentially Meridian

Catherine believes that prevention is better than cure. So, after 8 years in the conventional healthcare industry, she shifted her focus to preventive wellness. Catherine is passionate about advocating Meridian Therapy, derived from the wisdom of 3500 years of TCM, to treat people by unblocking their Qi energy to regain and preserve their health and vitality. As a Meridian Wellness Educator, she teaches people simple DIY Meridian therapy for de-stressing and relieving insomnia, fatigue, and women’s issues.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Alpha Biomedical Advisor

Dr Koh Lam Son has had an illustrious career for over 30 years, building one of the most successful private practices in Obstetrics & Gynaecology based in Singapore. Today, he continues with his practice, and focuses on the areas of hormones, cellular hydration and rejuvenation, women and men health, supplementation, and nutrition to complement his medical practice. Dr Koh has interests in Age Management & Preventative Medicine, Hormone Management, Stem Cell Education, Post-Partum Care, and Lifestyle Wellness.

Things To Note:

  1. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Kid jumpers must be at least 7 years old and accompanied by parents or guardians.
  3. Participants are required to wipe down equipment before and after each session with the disinfecting wipes provided.
  4. Please come in appropriate exercise attire and exercise shoes.
  5. Please bring along a towel and a personal water bottle.
  6. Please check-in about 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot.
  7. You are advised not to participate in our fitness workouts if you are pregnant, or have existing medical conditions without first consulting your doctor.
  8. Photography, audio, and video recording may occur during the event. By entering the event premises, you consent to photography, audio recording, video recording and their release, publication and reproduction to be used for education & training, marketing & promotions and archiving for future reference.

10. Participation in the jumping fitness workouts involves physical activity, which may expose you and your child/ward to the risk of personal injury or property damage. By registering for the workout, you will assume all risks arising directly or indirectly from your participation and agree to fully indemnify New Hope Community Services, the organizer, and all event sponsors and partners from and against all injuries, damages or losses.

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