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The physic of bounce – what goes down must come up.

J   U   M   P


You can’t go wrong with JUMP basic essentials. Effective workout requires fitness attire that supports and does not restrict but allows a full range of movement so that you could solely concentrate on the task at hand and work out to the best of your ability. JUMP, designed for high intensity exercises, boosts your performance and confidence.

Fangting wears the white JUMP Side-meshed BreezyFit Tank in XS, and the grey JUMP Core Sculpt Leggings in S.

Vanessa wears black JUMP back-meshed LiteFlow Tank in S, and pink JUMP OC FlowMotion Shorts in S.

Yanni wears red JUMP CoolCharge Muscle Tank in XS and white JUMP Mid-Rise BreezyFit Shorts in XS.

Vanessa wears red JUMP CoolCharge Muscle Tank in S and black JUMP Mid-Rise BreezyFit Shorts in S.

J   U   M   P

No Bounce Bras

Choosing new activewear is exciting. Let’s be honest; finding cute and comfortable workout clothes is a fun part of getting fit. Getting a sleek, supportive and well-fit sports bra is important to prevent excessive bouncing since you’re all about high intensity exercise. A sports bra that fits well will minimize breast movement when you’re jumping, and won’t distract you from your workout.

Melissa wears white JUMP SecureStride Bra V in M and mauve JUMP Core Sculpt Leggings in S.

J   U   M   P

JUMP Core Sculpt Leggings

The JUMP Core Sculpt Leggings are high-waisted, squat-proof leggings that provide tummy-control, flexibility, and freedom of movement to support your high intensity jumping workouts. Compression technology helps improve blood flow and circulation while supporting muscles, improving performance, and reducing the time needed for recovery after exercise. In addition, these leggings support your core and provide a slimming effect, giving you a confidence boost.

Melissa wears grey JUMP NoBounce Bra in M and grey JUMP Core Sculpt Leggings in S.

Mint wears black JUMP NoBounce Bra in S and mauve JUMP Core Sculpt Leggings in S.


The workout is over! You have pushed yourself to the max and feel great about a job well done. Now the real work starts. While you rest in style, your body recovers and ensures that you come back stronger than ever before.

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