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A Fundraising Campaign For The Cause Of Alleviating Homelessness In Singapore

At Jumping Singapore, we are not only passionate about jumping, but we also fervently want our beneficiaries to bounce back in life. We are here to make a difference for homeless Singaporeans by generating revenue to fund social programs that provide long-term support and help them become self-sufficient. We invite you to support our fundraising campaign, Bounce Back Higher, by donating generously towards our cause. Together we can join hearts to elevate the lives of the needy in our communities.


More Than 1000 Homeless In Singapore

A recent nationwide street count conducted by Dr. Ng Kok Hoe of the Lee Kwan Yew School Of Public Policy, NUS, identified a staggering 1000 rough sleepers on the roads of Singapore.

Bounce Back Higher is a fundraising campaign by Jumping Singapore in support of New Hope Community Services, a Social Service Agency that has been in the business of sheltering displaced individuals and families since 2003. Since its inception, thousands of needy Singaporeans have sought refuge in its shelters. With nearly two decades of experience in shelter operation, New Hope Community Services has developed and implemented innovative approaches to address the underlying issues of homelessness. As a result, it has become the foremost provider of transitional shelters and related services to low-income and displaced Singaporeans.

Today, it operates four shelters in Singapore, serving displaced families and individuals, including homeless ex-convicts and rough sleepers. It is also an MCCY-approved mentoring agency, supporting more than 600 at-risk families with appropriate intervention.

About New Hope Community Services

Yes, today I will help someone bounce back higher!


Homeless people require long-term support. They want to live ordinary lives like everyone else. You can play a part in rehoming the homeless. Please support our fundraising campaign by giving generously to our cause. All donations made under this campaign will receive dollar-for-dollar matching as part of the Tote Board’s Enhanced Fundraising Programme. That means we’ll receive double of what you give! Donations above $50 are also eligible for 250% tax deduction.

Be Our Ambassador

You can do even more by becoming our ambassador! Sign up as a Beacon Of Hope and be a fundraiser for Jumping Singapore’s Bounce Back Higher campaign. You can then help us achieve our fundraising target by inviting your friends to contribute towards our cause. Beacons who raise $5,000 or more will receive a trampoline from Jumping Singapore, in celebration of reaching this milestone! All donations above $50 are also eligible for 250% tax deduction. Thank you for your heart and hand of compassion.

Please join as a member of existing team and specify the team code I0018G (that’s our code!)

Be A Beacon Of Hope

Bounce Back Higher Is a fundraising project by Jumping Singapore in support of New Hope Community Services.

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