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Jumping Fitness Passes and Packages

4.25 (20 reviews)


These jumping packages could also be purchased directly on the Jumping Singapore booking app.


Purchase a one time pass or enjoy great savings with one of our packages for Jumping® Fitness Classes at any of our studios.

The best rates in town for the best exercise ever formulated!

Jump Trial: $16 one trial session for first-timers

4-Session Trial Package: $48 (Usual price $64) 
Special Time-Limited Deal
– Only for first-timers
– Valid for 8 weeks from date of first attendance

First-time guests are eligible for ONE trial only. Please do not purchase more than one trial passes or packages unless they are for different individuals

Jump Single: $25
– One single session

Jump8: $160  
– 8 sessions
– Valid for 4 months
– Shareable by 2 pax

Jump16: $288  
– 16 sessions
– Valid for 6 months
– Shareable by 4 pax

Jump50: $750
– 50 sessions
– Valid for 14 months
– Shareable by 4 pax

One Month Pass (Capped At 12 Sessions): $180
– 12 sessions
– Valid for 1 months
– Individual Use

Two Month Pass (Capped At 24 Sessions): $344
-24 sessions
– Valid for 2 months
– Individual Use

Please register an account and make your bookings online at this LINK or through our booking app JumpingSG. Or simply call us at 97735538 and we will assist you.

Cancellation Policy:

To ensure optimal studio operations and outstanding client support, we would appreciate if you could inform us or cancel your bookings at least 24 hours prior to the class time if you are unable to attend a booked session. This is so that we may be able to release your slot to other clients. Otherwise, it will be considered a late cancellation and a session will be deducted from your package. Thank you for jumping with Jumping Singapore

Please read our Terms & Conditions Of Service here.

20 reviews for Jumping Fitness Passes and Packages

  1. Katherine

    Looking forward

  2. Fanny

    Looking forward to jumping & jumping

  3. Yi Xuan


  4. Lucedy

    Today will be my first time jumping trial

    • Rosalind

      It shall be so good! Thanks for signing up Lucedy! See you soon.

  5. Lucedy

    This will be my first trial class

  6. Jazreel

    To try out

  7. Madeline

    Looking forward to lose weight!

  8. Phyllis Lim

    After the trial class .. addicted to sign up 🙂

  9. Kenway Chin

    Very challenging but exciting!

  10. Jen Wong

    1st class at Chong Pang

  11. Patrina Loh


  12. Amelia Chai

    looking forward to try it

  13. Carolyn Leow

    Love all the classes so far, regardless of Instructors

    • Rosalind

      Thank you Carolyn for your support. We enjoy having you.

  14. Caroline Mah

    Jumping S’pore with Irene Kang is really fun. She’s a great instructor and I enjoy her class tremendously.

  15. John Kams

    Jumping is awesome.

  16. Joanna Bai Xue

    Trial package





  19. lim siew foong

    so far so good

  20. Lee Hua

    After few sessions with Irene Kang, she is an amazing instructor  as well as a great advisor. She is tiny yet full of energy. She went at the pace that I was comfortable and pushed me slowly to do more and more and to push myself to new limits. It was much more enjoyable than I had ever imagined. Keep me motivated as it has been such a gratifying and self discovering experience with her 🙂

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