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jumping fitness instructor Ying

Name: You Ying Ying

Jumping Fitness Basic Diploma
Standard First Aid & CPR + AED Certification

Characteristics: Patient, Instructive, Energetic, Encouraging, Nurturing

Ying believes that anything is possible if you have enough nerve; from becoming an instructor, to an entrepreneur, she embraces every opportunity and gives it her best as she takes on challenges that comes her way.

And as Ying would tell the jumpers who get on the trampoline the first time, “Be brave! You control your body and this equipment, do not fear.” There is no giving up in Ying’s classes even as your legs are threatening to give way. How could you? When she pushes you for just one more set, encourages you for one more song. And before you know it; CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed 8 stomps today! As you are busy catching your breath, Ying is gleefully exclaiming there’s one last song of Tabata.

Ying loves pop songs, electronic dance music, especially remixes. While not a hardstyle fan, she makes sure to include a couple of adrenaline pumping songs in each of her playlists, just for the challenge.

jumping fitness instructor Ying

“She was never quite ready. But she was brave. And the universe listens to brave.” Rebecca Ray

After being dormant for ten years, Ying stumbled upon Yanni’s Jump classes and got hooked. She never looked back and has been jumping since. Besides the obvious weight loss and toning, Jumping helps her relieve work stress. “Nothing beats sweating it out for 60mins to high-energy electronic music with a class full of like-minded friends. Join us!”

Ying conducts classes at Peninsula and Far East Studios. If you haven’t done so, please download our app, Jumping Singapore, to make a reservation with Ying.

“Always being a pleasure and fun attending Ying Ying’s Saturday classes. Interactive and encouraging instructor. Receptive to feedbacks and willingly to make an improvement or make a difference. Looking forward to sign up new package again!!!” Lin Chung

“I started off Jumpstart with Ying Ying & have now progressed to Jumping Fitness……thanks to her patient guidance & motivation. Enjoying her every class! Ying Ying is fun-loving, diligent, attentive, endearing & encouraging. She’s always early for her classes & on hand to help those of us who have problems executing certain moves. I love the fact that she includes Tabata at the end of each session which helps to burn & tone even more. A highly recommended professional instructor indeed!!” May Ong

“Been jumping with Ying Ying since Nov 20, she’s a trainer full of energy & passion & encourages her students to push on harder. She ensures that we get the moves right in order to exercise the right muscles & reap the benefits of a more toned physique. Her classes are filled with her boisterous laughter and she makes exercising fun. Will continue to support her.” Stephanie Seet

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