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jumping fitness instructor Peter Lee

Name: Peter Lee

Basic Diploma in Jumping Fitness
Advanced Diploma in Jumping Fitness
Certificate of Achievement in Basic Sports Science
Certificate of Achievement in Fitness Instructor Course
Standard First Aid & CPR + AED Certification

Characteristics : Charismatic, Inspiring, Dynamic, Attentive, Zippy and Witty

Peter is an inspiring, fun-loving instructor who constantly encourages his jumpers to push beyond their limits within their abilities. His classes are always filled with immense fun and laughter. He is attentive to his jumpers, constantly checking on their wellbeing during every jump session. Peter takes pride in delivering and overdelivering his classes, often going the extra mile to help jumpers gain maximum benefit through careful explanation and demonstration. He feels highly motivated whenever he witnesses his jumpers’ health and physical transformations through consistent hard work.

Peter enjoys a wide range of music genres, and he incorporates them beautifully into his every jump session. The next time you attend his class, you will be intrigued by his high driven energy nudging you to give your best.

jumping fitness instructor Peter Lee

“Give your best and leave out all the rest.” Peter Lee

Peter used to be a reserved and quiet person. For 15 years, he was privately enjoying high-intensity exercises and long-distance running all by himself. Jumping Fitness transformed him into today’s confident, charismatic, and outgoing person. As a senior instructor in Jumping Singapore, Peter also plays an important role in helping trainee instructors acquire the required technical and coaching competencies.

Due to a knee ligament bruise, Peter gave up his previous workout regime. While looking for an alternative keep-fit program, he chanced upon Jumping Singapore and did his first trial jump in 2018. Since then, Peter had never looked back. As jumping fitness is a low-impact workout, he could jump almost every day without further knee issues. Peter enjoyed jumping so much that he became a jumping fitness instructor.

Peter conducts classes at Citygate and Far East Studios. If you haven’t done so, please download our app, Jumping Singapore, to make a reservation with Peter.

“Insanely fun and great workout with this amazing high vibes instructor!” Eunice Ee

“Love the fast music and multitude of steps and combos. Breathless, but it’s a challenge for me to get better at jumping.” Ruschelle De Vera

“Instructions were superb! Great demo before each exercise. Thank you! Will choose your class again!” Diana Lim

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