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jumping fitness instructor jaclyn yeoh

Name: Jaclyn Yeoh

Basic Diploma in Jumping Fitness
Certificate of Achievement in Basic Exercise Science
Standard First Aid & CPR + AED
Diploma in Kangoo Jumps

Characteristics : Patient, Client-focused, Inspiring, Instructive, Nurturing,

Jaclyn is a cheerful and easy-going instructor to whom most newcomers warm up quickly. She has a way of making you feel comfortable by creating a safe space where we can all learn together. It is ok to be uncoordinated, out of timing, or look awkward. We will get it if we don’t give up too quickly. Jaclyn is keenly interested in every jumper. She listens intently and takes feedback seriously, so she can always finetune her class delivery to help her jumpers get optimal results.

A patient and nurturing instructor, Jaclyn’s dream for all her jumpers is to enjoy jumping fitness and reap all its benefits through consistent class attendance. Jaclyn loves invigorating exercise music, that energizes and provides the oomph for cardio activities. You can expect a fun and energizing jumping workout with Jaclyn every time.

jumping fitness instructor jaclyn yeoh

“Your health is an investment not an expense.”

Jaclyn Yeoh never dreamt that she would become a fitness instructor. Her present slender figure is a far cry from the cute, “prosperous” image she had sported for decades. In 2018, Jaclyn encountered jumping fitness at an outdoor public workout called Sunday at the Park, organized by HPB. She was hooked and has been jumping ever since. Jumping changed her life, and her transformations were evident for all to see. She is thankful that at 60, she is able to make a difference in other people’s life through jumping fitness. She finds it rewarding to see her students growing fitter and healthier with her.  Jaclyn attributes her strength and athletic physique to discipline and good habits.

Jaclyn conducts classes at Parkway, Citygate, Jurong East and Far East Studios. If you haven’t done so, please download our app, Jumping Singapore, to make a reservation with Jaclyn.

“Jaclyn genuinely cares about her students and is highly motivational. Her choreo is always varied, and challenges my endurance. I enjoy her class always, and love to see and feel the positive changes of my body!” Rachel Yang

“Intense, refreshing and effective.” Linda Tan

“No Monday Blues for me if I can attend jumping every Monday💪💪💪. Jaclyn’s stamina is awesome.🌷Such motivation for me. 👏💕😘” Amita Boo

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