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Saturday, 17 September 2022, Urban Park at Guoco Tower

1 Wallich Street, Singapore 078881 (above Tanjong Pagar MRT station)

Jumping Singapore is into another season of fundraising to help elevate the lives of low-income and displaced Singaporeans. We are running a series of Jump For Hope community fitness workouts to garner donations and support to help needy fellow Singaporeans to bounce back in life. You can contribute to the welfare of our beneficiaries by simply  participating in one of our fun and exhilarating hourly Jumping Fitness workouts. The Jump For Hope is a fundraising event for the cause of ending homelessness in Singapore.

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Together We Can Do So Much More

With the far-reaching impact of the pandemic and intense state intervention, we have had the privilege of accommodating hundreds of displaced individuals in the last two years. Our shelters reached capacity at some point as occupancy increased more than sixfold during the pandemic. Homelessness issues are multi-faceted, and journeying with each of our shelter residents, from being homeless to having secured accommodation, is a painstaking but worthy task. Thank you so much for supporting our cause and helping us along the way.

Jump For Hope is a fundraising campaign by Jumping Singapore in support of New Hope Community Services, a Social Service Agency that has been in the business of sheltering displaced individuals and families since 2003. Since its inception, thousands of needy Singaporeans have sought refuge in its shelters.

Jump For Hope workout

Alleviating The Plight Of Low-Income & Homeless Singaporeans

With nearly two decades of experience in shelter operation, New Hope Community Services has developed and implemented innovative approaches to address the underlying issues of homelessness. Today, it operates four shelters in Singapore, serving displaced families and individuals, including homeless ex-convicts and rough sleepers. It is also an MCCY-approved mentoring agency, supporting more than 600 at-risk families with appropriate intervention.

You can contribute to the welfare of our beneficiaries and make a difference simply by participating in our fun and energizing Jump For Hope workouts. Your registration fee is a donation towards this cause. If you are compelled to do so, you may even contribute more than the required amount to bless our beneficiaries. Please drop in your donations when you checkout. Thank you for your generosity. Together we can do so much more.

About New Hope Community Services

Jump For Hope At The Urban Park (Highlights)

Jumping Singapore invites you and your family to be part of Singapore’s only Jump For Good event for a registration fee of just $8 per slot.

  • Enjoy 50 mins of dynamic, full-body jumping fitness workout;
  • Book in for any of 10 hourly jumping workout slots;
  • Jump with your favorite Jumping Singapore instructors;
  • Enjoy a dynamic exercise session and bond with family and friends;
  • Contribute to the welfare of less-fortunate and displaced people in Singapore;
  • Burn lots of unwanted calories and experience the afterburn too
Jump For Hope 22

Program Schedule:

09:00am  – 9:50am
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Costner Heng, Tan Li Leng & Frances Teng

10:00am  – 10:50am
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Jessica Sim, Stitch Choong, Chloe Tan

11:00am  – 11:50am
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Melissa Lok, Jeannie Yeo, Raymond Toh

12:00pm  – 12:50pm
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Irene Kang, Pamela Lau, Jaclyn Yeoh

01:00pm  – 01:50pm
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Su Fangting, Ailene Tan, Sally Lee

02:00pm  – 02:50pm
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Su Fangting, Rene Chiah, Janelle Su

03:00pm  – 03:50pm
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Alyson Lim, Lorraine Lim, Soh Nen Wen

04:00pm  – 04:50pm
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Clover Choy, You Ying Ying, Fiona Chia

05:00pm  – 05:50pm
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Vanessa Caneda, Rebecca Lau, Chick Riu Wen

06:00pm  – 07:00pm
Jumping Fitness with Jumping Singapore Instructors
Yanni Chia, Jane L, Jacinta Kwang

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Jump FOr Hope

Jumping Fitness, For Exceptional Health & Body Transformations

Jump For Hope promises you and your family, an enjoyable, meaningful, and health-boosting jumping fitness experience.

Jumping Fitness is the original world-class aerobics rebounding program formulated by European exercise experts and enjoyed by thousands across the globe since 2001. High in intensity, yet low in impact and easy on your knees and joints, it is an excellent preventive and anti-aging exercise associated with many evidence-based health benefits.

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Things To Note:

  1. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Kids jumpers must be at least 7 years old and accompanied by parents or guardians.
  3. Participants are required to wipe down equipment before and after each session with the disinfecting wipes provided.
  4. Please keep your masks on at all times except during the workout.
  5. Please come in appropriate exercise attire and exercise shoes.
  6. Please bring along a towel and a personal water bottle.
  7. Please check-in about 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot.
  8. You are advised not to participate in our fitness workouts if you are pregnant, or have existing medical conditions without first consulting your doctor.
  9. Photography, audio, and video recording may occur during the event. By entering the event premises, you consent to photography, audio recording, video recording and their release, publication and reproduction to be used for education & training, marketing & promotions and archiving for future reference.
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10. Participation in the jumping fitness workouts involves physical activity, which may expose you and your child/ward to the risk of personal injury or property damage. By registering for the workout, you will assume all risks arising directly or indirectly from your participation and agree to fully indemnify New Hope Community Services, the organizer, Sports Singapore and all event sponsors and partners from and against all injuries, damages or losses.

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