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The Jumping Singapore mobile app is powered by Mindbody, a scheduling software platform for the Wellness industry. As subscribers, we enjoy all the wonderful features that make our service possible. Our branded mobile app is a very handy tool for our jumpers to manage their class reservations on the go.

Occasional app updates are necessary to cater for new features or rectification of bugs. Recent updates have affected the user interface and may have caused you some inconvenience due to the disruption of service. We apologize for the trouble that resulted from the following changes.

Android App Issue (Nothing To Book)

After tapping +BOOK on the menu, the message “There is nothing to book yet” appears on the screen instead of the schedule for the day.

This error was caused by a previous glitch on the Android phone app, but it has been resolved. You can restore the app with following steps:

1 Re-install the app

2 If the problem persists, please proceed to clear your data following these steps:

– On the mobile device, go to Settings.
– Look for Apps
– Search for Jumping Singapore App
– Tap on Storage
– At the bottom of the screen there are two options; tap on Clear Data
– Wait for it to finish clearing the data and then open the app again

iPhone App Change in Schedule Display

With the latest app update, the schedule display is slightly different from the previous version. You can only see the current day’s schedule by default.

Simply scroll down to see the schedule of subsequent days.

The Trusty Desktop Web Booking Portal

If for whatever reasons, you are unable to assess our booking system via the phone apps, you can always fall back on the desktop web booking portal at Jumping Singapore | Mindbody (mindbodyonline.com). With your usual login credentials, you can sign into your account and manage your bookings from any computer or browser on your phone.

Call Support Line 97735538 Anytime

If you need any assistance, please feel free to call us at 97735538, or leave us a Whatsapp message and we will get to you asap. Thank you so much for your patience.

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