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International Women’s Day Jump Special 2022

Jumping Singapore supports women’s health. We have the perfect fitness program for the health-conscious woman who is active, confident, independent, and successful. Health is indeed wealth, and it is the starting point to living the good life. Therefore, in celebration of women’s health, we invite you to our special International Women’s Day Jump Event on 5th March 2022.

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First Thing First – Your Health

Event organizer Irene Kang is a Jumping Fitness instructor and the founder of Irene Fine Fitness. She has been an active women’s health advocate since her brush with death ten years ago when she was diagnosed with stage 3A breast cancer.

jumping singapore instructor Irene Kang 1

More than 20 years in corporate banking since graduating from NTU, Irene has prioritized her time on banking and her pair of twins. It was only after 2012 surviving cancer that changed her lifestyle totally.

Irene recalled that she “suffered a lot physically and mentally” throughout the cancer ordeal, from diagnosis to treatments and beyond. However, she is grateful that she is now in complete remission, spiritually, emotionally, and physically transformed – and jumping fitness has played an essential part in that transformation. Get the full story here.

This International Women’s Day, let us celebrate women’s health and acknowledge the strength inside each of us. As women, we can uplift our sisters in adversity. We can encourage each other to pursue a life worth living. By becoming the best versions of ourselves, we can be agents of change for a better tomorrow.

Celebrating Femininity and Fitness

We have a great program lined up for you with door gifts and lucky draw prizes to give away. Besides participating in a vibrant, high-energy,60-minute jumping fitness session with your favorite instructors, we are sharing a 7-minute exclusive, never-before-released clip by oncologist Dr. Steven Tucker on holistic care and prevention of cancer. Cancer is a preventable, metabolic disease. With simple self care protocols, you can obliterate the risk of ever contracting the disease.


International Women’s Day Jump Event Details

Date: Saturday, 5th March 2022
Time: 5 jumping fitness time slots, 9:30am, 11am, 1230pm, 2pm, 3:30pm
Cost: $25 per pax 
Venue: Kampung Siglap Life Skills Training & Retreat Centre, Tembusu Auditorium, 55 Siglap Plain, Level 1
**(Plenty of parking lots available too)

Kampung Siglap Life Skills Training & Retreat Centre is part of a very tranquil and spacious landscape in Siglap. The IWD Jump Event will be held at the Tembusu Auditorium. Despite its size, we are only opening 25 slots per session to ensure a very safe environment for all staff and participants. In addition, we will follow SportSG’s safety guidelines and distancing requirements for trampolines placements and equipment sanitization. We will only be admitting fully vaccinated jumpers of at least 7 years old. 

Program schedule:

09:30am  – 10:30am
Jumping with Irene, Liyi & Leonora

11am – 12pm
Jumping with Irene, Jac, Sherry

12:30 – 1:30pm
Jumping with Pam, Aries & Sherry

2pm – 3pm 
Jumping with Irene, Nicco & Anna

3:30pm – 4:30pm
Jumping with Sylvia & Erina

Hurry and sign up now! For just $25 per pax, you get:

  1. 60-minute full-body jumping fitness workout with a bevy of beautiful lady instructors
  2. exclusive cancer and chronic disease prevention video by oncologist Dr. Steven Tucker
  3. door-gifts, cute exercise towels and tote bags
  4. Lucky draw prizes for 3 lucky winners:  
  • an indoor hydroponic smart garden worth $180
  • two USS tickets worth $162 
  • shopping vouchers worth $150 
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Jumping Fitness is the Best Exercise For Women

Undoubtably, jumping fitness is the best exercise for women. It helps bring about remarkable body and health transformations while protecting vulnerable joints and bones. Not only is it fun, but it is also an effective preventive measure for many prevalent women’s health conditions today.

1) It is a fantastic calorie burner. It helps maintain optimal weight to reduce the risks of diabetes, heart diseases, strokes and cancers.
2) It helps to increase bone density to prevent osteoporosis.
3) It promotes lymphatic circulation to enhance detoxification and strengthen immunity against infections and other diseases.

So let us celebrate women’s health with jumping fitness at the International Women’s Day Jump Event!

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Things To Note

1. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. Participants must be fully vaccinated and at least 7 years old.

3. The event will be conducted in accordance with SportSG social distancing requirements. Equipment will be sanitized before and after each session.

4. Please keep your masks on at all times except during the workout.

5. Please come in appropriate exercise attire and exercise shoes.

6. Please bring along a towel and a personal water bottle.

7. Please check-in about 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot.

8. You are advised not to participate in our fitness workouts if you are pregnant, or have existing medical conditions without first consulting your doctor.

9. Participation in the fitness workouts involves physical activity, which may expose you to the risk of personal injury or property damage. By registering for the workout, you will assume all risks arising directly or indirectly from your participation and agree to fully indemnify New Hope Community Services, the organizer, Irene Fine Fitness and all event sponsors and partners from and against all injuries, damages or losses.

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Invest In Your Own Health

Entrepreneur Jaclyn Yeoh never dreamt that she would become a fitness instructor. Her present slender figure is a far cry from the cute, “prosperous” image she had sported for decades.

Jumping Fitness Instructor Jaclyn

Jaclyn met Irene at West Coast where Irene was teaching Piloxing at Sunday at the Park. Jaclyn started jumping and was trained by Irene since 2018. She never looked back since and has grown to be fitter and healthier. At 60, she never imagined that she could be helping and inspiring so many women to look and feel better through fitness. Jaclyn attributes her strength and athletic physique to discipline and good habits. “The best investment I have made was to invest in my physical health. It pays the best interest.”

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A Healthy Mum Is A Happy Home

Jumping instructor Sherry Ho left the corporate world years ago to become a stay-home mum to her twins and a primary school-going son. Her world was only about the kids and the family. She realized that she was slowly losing herself physically and mentally.

Jumping fitness Instructor Sherry Ho

She chanced upon jumping one day and never looked back. The adrenaline rush from jumping with excellent music and a fun interactive group setting kept her going back. She fell in love with jumping so much that she became an instructor. She is now leading a much healthier, fitter, and happier lifestyle compared to when she was never into fitness activity and weighed 70kg. She hopes to inspire more women with her story. To all the women out there, her message is, “Please always find time to love and care for yourself!”

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Live Well & Meaningfully By Staying Healthy & Happy

Edna Leong is a social service professional. She has a heart for the needy and champions several social causes. She believes that happiness springs from doing good and helping others.

Jumping Fitness Instructor Edna Leong

Edna loves jumping with Jumping Singapore because it is a social enterprise that looks after displaced Singaporeans. And jumpers get to give back to the community simply by attending classes. She started jumping with the intent to do good but discovered that jumping was, in turn, doing her a lot of good. She became fitter, toner, and healthier, which boosted her confidence. Edna believes a woman could be strong and independent and not rely on anyone.

“We could live well and meaningfully by staying strong, healthy, and happy. Celebrate with us on International Women’s Day!”

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leon & liyi

Women, Take Care of Yourselves

“We want to encourage all women to love and take good care of themselves. Our physical and mental health is the fuel we need for life’s daily tasks. Like many women taking on multiple roles, we face the daily challenge of finding time to unwind and focus on our health. We are so glad to have found a way to build our well-being through Jumping Fitness. Jumping helps us develop strength and endurance and build meaningful relationships with like-minded women, coming together with a common purpose to make a positive change in their lives. However, before we can give our best to those who rely on us, we need to love and take good care of ourselves. See you at the event!”  – Leonora & Liyi, mothers with twins.

Overcoming Health Issues With Exercise

Jumping Fitness instructor Sylvia Choong believes that a woman should learn how to take care of herself. She must be healthy to be independent, happy and successful.

Jumping Fitness Instructor sylvia choong

Sylvia had slip disc about 7 years ago. Back then she did not exercise at all. Her core was weak and she had bad posture. The slip disc was a wake-up call for her. She realized how unfit she was, and decided to do something about it. She found jumping fitness and it changed her life. She loved it so much that she became an instructor. She has been jumping for about 5 years now… and NO MORE BACKPAIN. To add value to her class delivery and provide holistic support to her clients, she went back to school for a year to get a Specialist Diploma in Nutrition and Exercise Science. Sylvia believes that a woman should be independent and not reliant on others. By doing what she loves and loving what she does, she can excel in the things that matter to her and stay happy and focused in her pursuits.

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Jumping Helps You Stay Positive

Jumping Fitness Instructor Aries Ng is a working mother of 2. Juggling daily between career, chores, and kids could be emotionally and mentally draining at times. Thankfully, she has close friends and confidantes, who strengthen her with their encouragement and support.

jumping fitness Instructor Aries Ng

Moreover, Aries finds jumping fitness a tremendous stress buster. Not only does it energize her and build her health, but it also lifts her moods and imparts a sense of well-being. So, after sweating out at the studio, she leaves her stress behind and goes home to her family, a happy girl. Aries feels a woman should take care of her mental health and manage stress to be innovative and effective at work. “When you are happy, you radiate positive vibes to people all around and make this world a better place.”

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Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Erina Fong is always curious and learning. She will be turning 60 next year, but that does not stop her from trying new things and enjoying different experiences. She is an avid flamingo dancer. And she has also recently become a jumping fitness instructor.

jumping fitness Instructor Erina

Erina has hyperthyroidism. And one of the side effects of medication is weight gain. Undaunted, Erina reinvented her lifestyle and started exercising more. She found jumping and fell in love with it. It is fun, helps her manage her weight, and keeps her tone and fit. As a jumping fitness instructor, Erina can inspire more people with her story. She believes women should support each other. And that we should never stop learning and improving ourselves. Only when we are healthy, confident and relevant, could we create a happy future for ourselves and our children.

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Everybody Starts Somewhere

Pamela Lau devoted many years of her adult working life to her thriving printing company which rendered excellent services to her clients. However, it took a toll on her health. She was tired most of the time and looked older than her age. At the invitation of a good friend, she started jumping fitness, and enjoyed it so much.

Jumping fitness instructor Pamela

It was tough at first as she had hardly exercised before. However, her stamina improved significantly over a short time as she jumped consistently with her jump buddy. She lost about 5 kg, and her body, legs, and arms also became toner. Now, she is a new woman, energetic, confident, and much healthier. She also rarely falls sick. And it all started when she took time for herself and buddied up with her friend to jump regularly. Since then, Pamela has become a jumping fitness instructor. She is so happy that she has influenced many older women to lose weight and stay active through jumping. “I think being healthy is a very freeing thing. You realize you can do so many things you can’t do before. I encourage all women to try jumping. It is a fantastic program. Don’t be shy. Everybody starts somewhere. See you at the event.”

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