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bringing jumping fitness into the community


11th March 2018, Sunday, 10am-11am

Air Conditioned Multipurpose Hall With 100 Trampolines

Experience Quick Health & Fitness Results With Jumping® Fitness

A Full Body Workout like No Other!

The original Jumping® Fitness is safe & effective for a more beautiful and healthy body.  It is conducted on the specially designed Jumping® Profi trampoline that is TUV SUD certified for safety, reliability and quality assurance. Endorsed and recommended by medical doctors and natural health practitioners, jumping® fitness imparts tremendous health and fitness benefits not available from other fitness programs.

“Jumping is the only exercise that strengthens every cell, every organ system, every muscle in the body.” Dr Koh Lam Son, Senior Gynaecologist.

Health & Fitness Benefits From Regular Jumping® Fitness Sessions

“The bouncing effect of jumping fitness promotes lymphatic circulation which is important for my cancer patients because it helps lymphatic drainage and boosts the immune system.” Dr Chia Yin Nin, Gynaecological Oncologist.

Jumping Fitness Strengthens Every Muscle
Exercises & Strengthens Every Cell & Muscle In the Body
Jumping Fitness Boosts Immunity
Boosts Immune Function To Aid Healing & Prevent Diseases
Jumping Fitness Aids Weight Loss
Aids In Weight Loss
Jumping Fitness Prevents Osteoporsis
Helps To Increase Bone Density & Prevent Osteoporosis
Jumping Fitness Improves Posture
Improves Posture, Balance & Coordination
Improves Stamina & Builds Cardiovascular Health
Jumping Fitness Promotes Lymphatic Circulation
Enhances Lymphatic Circulation For Effective Detoxification
Jumping Fitness Promotes Mental Health
Improves Learning Capacity & Promotes Mental Health
Jumping Fitness Protects Joints
Protects Weight Bearing Joints

“Jumping on the mini trampoline is probably one of the best things you can do to improve your balance. As you go up and down, you are also creating G force and working the whole body.” Dr Errington, Chiropractor.

About Community Jumps!

Building Healthy Vibrant Communities Through A Unique, Beneficial Fitness Program

Community Jumps! is a pet project by Jumping® Singapore, a Social Enterprise that supports and funds the social programs for poor and homeless Singaporeans. We bring jumping® fitness to your community, with everything needed for each fun-filled, high energy, full hour jumping® fitness mass workout.

Every participant will experience the revitalizing and rejuvenating effects of jumping, as every cell and muscle is stimulated and strengthened through these jumping sessions. Community Jumps! also creates precious opportunities to connect and bond with friends and fellow residents as you exercise together for a younger, healthier and more cohesive Singapore.

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When Community Jumps!, Community Elevates!

See you at the next mass jumping® fitness workout venue!

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