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10 Good Reasons To Give Jumping A Try 

Let’s Give Jumping A Try

Being a chiropractor with young twins I go to great lengths to encourage them to exercise more and look after their postures. My principle focus with clients is to encourage and help them to be as good as they can be and live life as close to their potential as possible. This is not easy in this fast paced world that seems to reward those who spend the most time sitting. I look for simple solutions that can easily be incorporated into a busy life. One such solution is the Rebounder or Mini-trampoline, an exercise so simple that almost anyone can enjoy it.

I recently discovered all this through “Jumping Singapore” which is a social enterprise initiative of a local registered charity supporting the homeless and the poor in Singapore. Why not join us jumping and help the homeless.

Of course we all know the many benefits of exercise, but let’s look at some of the many benefits of rebounding.

1) It’s Fun

Go ahead, try it. Whatever your age, you’ll find it enjoyable, and that means it’s sustainable. Yes, you are more likely to keep doing it and that is vital if it is to become a beneficial part of your life. As a doctor I definitely approve of anything that will be less monotonous for patients as it is much more likely to be done.

2) It’s Convenient

The rebounders are small and easily stowed away. You can use them outside on a nice day or inside whist you watch your favorite show or listen to music. Find what works for you.

3) Easy On The Joints

Working out on the trampoline has much less impact on the joints, and surrounding soft tissue, than say running on concrete. Whilst the greater G-Forces increase the beneficial effects, much of the impact of the bounce is absorbed by the springs.

4) Improves Cardiovascular Development

A trampoline workout can provide excellent aerobic benefits that will strengthen the heart and whole cardio-vascular system. Tests have revealed that the work required to perform trampoline exercise with similar levels of effort is significantly greater than with jogging.

5) Improved Oxygenation

Rebounding can increase oxygen uptake due to the constant gravity changes that occur when bouncing. The cells are strengthened and your overall conditioning improves. Of course it also means that it is possible to get a much better workout.

6) Increases Bone Density And Prevents Osteoporosis

Regular bouncing stimulates the strengthening of bones due to the increased gravitational forces. This is vital for the elderly who are living longer whilst losing more and more mineral from their bones due to changing lifestyles.

7) Greater Detoxification

The lymphatic system, which is an important part of the bodies waste disposal mechanism, relies on movement to create pressure differentials to move the waste up the lymph drainage to discharge into the veinous system for cleansing by the kidneys. As this movement defies gravity, the up and down movement of bouncing really helps this along. Bouncing really does help detoxify the body and help you stay healthy.

8) Strengthens immunity

There are various reasons that jumping will enhance your immune system. Firstly, moderate exercise will release more lymphocytes into the blood. These are white blood cells that form a major part of the bodies defenses against pathogens and other foreign invaders. Secondly the improved detoxification of our bodies helps our immune system. Thirdly, bouncing will release endorphins and other ‘stress busting’, happy hormones that make us feel well. Fourthly our nervous system tends to release stress and as it moves away from ‘Fight or Flight’ mode it improves our digestion, immune response and ability to heal.

9) Improved Digestion

The up and down movement really helps the peristalsis or waves of muscle action that move our digestive wastes through our system. With conditions like colon cancer becoming increasingly prevalent, this becomes a huge benefit.

10) Improved Muscle Tone, Posture And Reflexes

As a chiropractor this really is a biggie for me. With it’s continuous movement, jumping creates instability, so the body has to constantly make adjustments in position so as to maintain balance. This exercises our reflexes and all the balancing mechanisms of the inner ear, eyes, cerebellum and the joints and muscles of the body, all coordinated by the nervous system. As we age this becomes more and more important as we stiffen and move less and less.

I could literally go on and on talking about the benefits of jumping. I’ve chosen ten, but I could easily have mentioned improving muscle tone, increasing metabolism and burning more calories and more still.

Of course we are certainly not saying that bouncing is the only exercise you need. I believe you have to find out what works for you. Give it a try and I’m sure you will enjoy it. If you do go on to incorporate a simple jumping program into your life you absolutely will feel the benefits and it will make your exercise regime more complete.

– Dr Tim Errington

Dr Tim is a published author and in-demand public speaker. He is the owner and founder of Total Health Chiropractic, a chain of wellness clinics looking after the spines and postures of the hard working people of Singapore.


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    1. Jumping fitness is easy on the joints as our good quality rebounding mat will absorb most of the impact. So it is suitable for those with herniated disc and other joint problems. However if you are still experiencing pain or have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

    2. Did you buy one yet? I have herniated discs also, a few in my neck. I am going to be getting a rebounder and I have researched extensively many different ones and I think I’ve picked the one I want. They all have a different bounce so be sure you get one that isn’t going to be too jarring on your spine. Research the different bounces, the springs vs. bungees, foldability – and the pros and cons to all of the features… And read a LOT of reviews on each one. You’ll glean good information that way also.

  1. It’s Amazing! trampoline workout can provide excellent aerobic benefits that will strengthen the heart and whole cardio-vascular system. Tests have revealed that the work required to perform trampoline exercise with similar levels of effort is significantly greater than with jogging.

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