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National Day Jumping workout


National Day Mass Jumping® Workout 2017

6th August at OCBC Square

Jumping® Singapore brings to Singapore, the best exercise ever devised by man!

Jumping on the trampoline is the only activity that strengthens every part of the body. The tremendous health benefits are well proven and documented. Suitable for young and old, its energising and rejuvenating effects will help us build a healthy and vibrant Singapore.

National Day Jump2-2

Jumping® Singapore is for building a socially inclusive community that embraces healthy living!

JumpLah Singapore is one of our social initiatives to bring the communities together. On this National Day, we like to invite Singaporeans to participate in an enjoyable exercise program that is not only socially engaging, but promotes active aging, health and wellness.

Participate in Singapore’s most unforgettable Mass Jumping Workout!

This National Day, come with your friends and family for a full 50 minutes  Jumping® Fitness workout. Choose among 10 available time slots and book in with a registration fee of just $3. Expect a high-energy, vibrant time of good fun and sweat-out! Click here to book!

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For enquiries on Jumplah Singapore, please contact us at 96313710 or 97735538

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